Third Time is a Charm...Right?

I will just begin by being completely honest...this is my third attempt at a successful blog. Yes, you read that correctly. I really don't even know why blogging has been such a difficult thing for me, because I love it. When you love something, it's supposed to be easy to do, right? 

I guess I just really haven't found my "blogging niche" yet. My first blog was sort of a "pseudo" beauty blog. It was fun for a while, but I realized after a few months that although I enjoy nail polish and make-up, I'm not exactly enough of an expert to write about it. Plus, writing about the newest eyeshadow in my collection just isn't very fulfilling. Shocking, I know. 

Blog number two was my attempt to be philosophical, and find lessons in every day life. Let's be real...I'm just not that deep of a person. Creative, yes. Philosophical, no. After a couple of weeks I just felt really bored with my posts. 

So here we are...attempt number three. And...I really want this to work! I've thought in the past that people may get bored reading about me and the things that go on in my life. However, some of my favorite blogs are  about just that...people's lives. And really, what do I know more about than myself?

So who am I? I am: 

1. A recent graduate of the Florida State University. With a BS in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, my plan to be a teacher was interrupted by a later graduation date than expected. Therefore, I am currently living the life of a desk-dwelling young professional.

2. An aspiring best-selling author.

3. A life-long chunky girl on the slow but sure path to becoming a 5k runner.

4. A lover of literature and the performing arts.

5. Blessed with an amazing family, phenomenal friends, and the most fantastic boyfriend a girl could ever ask for. 

Join me on my journey of progress, passion, and young professionalism. :)

Jenn said...

Im on my third blog as well !
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