Welcome, 2013! Plus a 2012 Recap.

Happy New Year everyone! :)

First of all, yes, I am sitting in bed blogging at 1:54 AM. Ha ha. Don't worry, I haven't been sitting in bed all of NYE. I rang in the new year with John and some friends, and it was a blast. We hung out, watched The Big Bang Theory, played Scattergories, and laughed as John and Adam attempted to open and pour sparkling cider into four glasses with 30 seconds until the clock struck 12:00. Plus, I got a perfect midnight kiss from a perfect guy. 

So, it is officially 2013! I would say that I can't believe it, but I actually can because the past few years have flown by without bothering to slow down for a single second. I'm very excited for this year. 2012 was a huge year of changes for me. In 2013, I hope to enjoy these changes and continue to shape my post-college life. 

I was thinking earlier today about the major moments of this year. I have decided they go a little something like this:

1. I graduated from college with my Bachelor's degree. I can still remember being 18 and feeling like that day would never come. Well, it finally did on August 10, 2012. I walked across the stage of the Leon County Civic Center and went from FSU student to FSU alumni. I couldn't be more proud.

2. I met John. I know I talk about him a lot, but I just can't help it! :) We were introduced through a mutual friend in March. He accompanied me to sorority's formal, and we were casual friends for months after that. In September that all changed, we became a couple, and I honestly don't think I could be any happier. 

3. I landed my first "big girl" job. I have had to work part-time jobs throughout college to support myself, but in September I landed my first college degree required, all benefits included job. I'm certainly not rolling in the dough, but it's stable, promising, and allows me to pay my bills without crying every month...most of the time anyway. ;)

4. I moved into a new place, and it is the place I have felt most at home since I moved out of my parent's house. I have two roommates, and I am also lucky enough to call them two of my dearest friends. I have plenty of space for living and entertaining, and more importantly, plenty of opportunities for a good laugh with my roomies. 

5. I have found a church that I love, and through God I am feeling content, as well as realizing that I have been successful in my life endeavors thus far. I feel so blessed, and I know that without God leading me, things would have probably turned out much differently in 2012. 

So that's my 2012 in a nutshell. Here are a few pictures of the journey. :)

Cheers to 2013!

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