Chuck, Smoothies, and Bipolar Florida Weather

Happy Friday! Actually...it's not even Friday anymore. I'm writing this post at, oh....roughly 1:00 AM on Saturday. I just got in from an evening with John and his parents. We went to dinner at Macaroni Grill...yum! I barely ate anything all day because I wanted to eat something good tonight, ha ha. And it was worth it, because my chicken and mushroom cannelloni was delicious. 

After dinner we watched a couple of episodes of Chuck. John introduced me to this show, and we are almost through season one. I just have to ask...where has this show been all of my life? It's perfection. Right up there with The Big Bang Theory in my opinion, and if you know me, you know that I LOVE The BBT.  Chuck...I just don't have enough good things to say about it. 

I'm sitting in bed watching Four Weddings on TLC. I feel like I should be knocked out sleeping by now, but I'm just not tired yet...which is weird because I could hardly keep my eyes open around 9:00 earlier. I figured I would do another one of my little photo recaps to fill you in on this past week...which was pretty darn average, but that's okay!

Florida's weather has been as bi-polar as ever this week. We spent the first half in shorts and t-shirts, and then worked our way back into hoodies overnight. Both the warm and the cold have been beautiful though!
I organized my closet...finally. I know it doesn't look super organized, but I'm working with limited space. I swear there's a method to my madness! You can see my stuffed animal collection peeking out. ;)
Can you see the blue stain on my nails? No, I didn't slam my fingers in the door.  The nail polish I had on a couple of weeks ago stained my fingernails, which has never happened to me before. Has this happened to you? This is a week and a half later, and they're still blue.
Treated myself to Tropical Smoothie for lunch on Wednesday; a Strawberry Beach smoothie and half of a turkey sandwhich. Healthy and delicious!
I rocked my Orange Bowl t-shirt today. I know...FSU didn't play much of a team, but at least we still won. Go  'Noles! 
Who's excited for this three day weekend?!

Vicky Hunt said...

Did you ever e-mail the company about the nail polish? You need to do that...:) Also....I found a typo....;)Thought you might want to know!

Love, Mama

Cotton said...

I am actually loving the cool weather for a change down here! It's been refreshing, I think!

RTO said...

I've really enjoyed watching Chuck with you! I still say, it's the best! :)

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