Johnny Boy

John is heavy on my mind tonight. Well, not that he's not always on my mind. I guess I should say...he's on my mind even more so than usual. :p 

His first med school exam of the semester is tomorrow. His exam weeks are always a little tough. He spends the week buried in books and index cards, studying his little heart out. I don't like seeing him anxious and stressed, especially since he's so laid back the majority of the time. But, I have no doubt that he will do awesome, just like he always does. 

I just felt the need to devote today's post to John, so I'm going to share a little about him and I. 

Here are a few fun facts:

*We were introduced last March by a mutual friend; my friend/sorority sister/roommate Amber's boyfriend. 
*Our first date was to my sorority's formal. 
*We were friends for months before we actually began dating. We met in March and didn't actually become a couple until September 10th of last year.
*I was the first to reveal my feelings, and at the time I did he didn't feel the same way. :p Funny how things work out in the end, ha ha. :p
*We share a love of chocolate and peanut butter, among many other things.
*We often joke about how I'm the female version of him, and vice versa. 

When we met I really wasn't on the lookout for someone to date, but once I started to get to know him I knew I wanted to be with him. It's hard to believe that we haven't even known each other a year, because I now can't even imagine my life without him. He's so kind, intelligent, and full of faith. He's always there for me and he inspires me in so many ways. God has beyond blessed me with him.

Ladies, we can complain about men all we want, but there's no way to deny that the guys in our lives are pretty perfect. 

Have a great night! :)

Julia @ Classic Southern Charm said...

Best of luck to him on his exams! I know how you feel, seeing him be anxious. Anytime hubs gets worked up/nervous/anxious over anything it makes me feel so bad :(

xo Julia

Vicky Hunt said...

You truly found the perfect guy...:) God led you to Tally for a reason and we know what that reason was now! Love you....Mama

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