Ten 2012 Favorites and Five 2013 Goals

Good morning! 

So as a final wrap up to all of the New Year's excitement, I thought I would share some of my favorite things of 2012, and, of course, tell you about my "resolutions" for 2013. Here we go!

2012 Favorites

1. Favorite Movie:
I'm going to have to say Les Miserables, even though it came out at the very end of 2012!

2. Favorite Book:
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

3. Favorite Song(s):
Somebody that I Used to Know by Gotye (Sorry, not sorry.)
Demons by Imagine Dragons
Home by Phillip Phillips

4. Favorite Band/Musical Artists:
Coldplay (Always)
Imagine Dragons
Ellie Goulding

5. Favorite Food:
Chick Fil A. It just never disappoints.

6. Favorite Clothing Item:
My denim button up shirt from Old Navy. It's just so comfortable and goes with so many things.

7. Favorite Vacation:
On Memorial Day weekend I went to St. Augustine with my cousin/friend Ashley and her family. It was a blast.

8. Favorite Gift: 
My leather Fossil cross-body bag that my parents gave me for graduation, and my snowflake necklace that John gave me for Christmas.

9. Favorite Photograph:
This is difficult, because I take so many pictures! I'm going to go with two.

John and I on Thanksgiving.
My roommates Alyssa and Amber and I at our sorority's spring formal.
10. Favorite Laugh:
Back at the end of March three of my friends an I attempted to go tubing down a river because we thought it would be warm enough. We live in Florida, right? Needless to say, it wasn't warm enough, and it decided to start pouring rain after we forced ourselves into the freezing water. Did I mention it takes about two and a half hours to float down to the exit? We laughed at out our crazy selves the entire time.

What are your favorites of 2012?

Goals of 2013

1. Continue to run/exercise five times a week. 
I picked up running at the beginning of December, and I plan to continue making it a part of my weekly routine. My goal is to run a 5k at the end of March/beginning of April, and shed a few pounds along the way. I will be posting weekly running diaries!

2. Complete my reading challenge.
I have made it a goal to read 48 books this year. For more information about this challenge, check out my "Book Nerds Unite" tab at the top of my blog.

3. Complete my first novel.
It's a dream of mine to be a published author. I started writing my first book in July of 2012, and I hope to complete it by the end of this year.

4. Travel, when possible.
I need to get out of Tallahassee more, even if it is just a weekend day trip to somewhere an hour or so away. I want to see more of Florida, and hopefully plan a week-long trip to somewhere for the end of the summer. It may be years before I'm able to travel outside of the country like I dream of, but I can still satisfy my wanderlust by seeing more of the beautiful U.S. of A.

5. Become financially sure.
I want to conquer my budget, and get a handle on saving some money. I refuse to let myself fall into a pile of debt at such a young age. 

Well, there you have it. Best of luck to all of you who are making positive changes in this upcoming year!

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