Weekend Wanderings: I Got My Hair Cut!

Today I am going to take part in the Weekend Wanderings link-up, which is basically a chance to link-up with other bloggers while sharing whatever you want to about your weekend. If you're looking for a chance to meet some other bloggers make sure you head on over and join in!

I got my hair cut after work yesterday! I am absolutely terrible about getting my hair trimmed on a regular basis, so this was actually the first time I've been in a hair salon since the beginning of August. I have long wavy hair, and I wanted something different, while still keeping my length. Anyway, here's the picture!

Left is before, right is after.
Basically I just took a couple inches off and added lots of layers. It's much straighter in the second picture because my stylist blew it out for me. I really like it, and it feels so much healthier! It's amazing how a new haircut can put a pep in your step.

Hope you're all having a great weekend! :)

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