Wolfish Adventures: Part 2

A few days ago I blogged about John and I's trip to Seacrest Wolf Preserve in Chipley, Florida. You can view that post here if you wish to get caught up!

Anyway, I said that I would do another post once I had pictures to share. So, as promised, here they are! Keep in mind, these were all taken with a disposable camera because electronic devices were not allowed within the enclosures.

At the beginning of the tour, we were asked to sit in rows on the ground. This is so that the wolves feel more comfortable coming up to us. During this time, we were told almost every fact you would ever want to know about wolf packs, while wolves are running around, getting treats from the volunteers and catching people off guard by licking people in their faces. 

All together we had the opportunity to go into three different enclosures, and interact with three different types of wolves: Grey, British Colombian, and Arctic.It was so neat to learn little facts about them. For example, did you know that wolves are basically monogamous? They literally strive to stay with the same mate for their entire lives. The owners are such nice people, and they had plenty of stories to share about their adventures in running the wolf preserve. 

John and I petting a wolf. I wish I could remember their names!
At this point I'm no longer nervous, ha ha.
Getting treats from our guide!
Typical brothers. Arguing over food. :p
Is this not the cutest thing ever? He looks so shy! 
More petting, ha ha. (With two random people I don't know. :p )
Wolves across the pond.
John being stalked by an arctic wolf. Not really. ;)

At the end of the wolf tour, we had an opportunity to do a "small animal encounter. By this point it was pouring rain, so excuse the disheveled appearances! Ha ha.

We fed some sneaky, but adorable little raccoons.
The cutest little arctic fox. He was so incredibly fluffy!

Yes. I held a skunk. After I was forced to by John. :p I look pretty happy for a person that is holding a skunk in the rain though, lol.
John petting a gray fox.
 Well, there you have it; our little adventure in pictures. It was such a fun time. If you're ever in north Florida, I highly recommend checking it out! 

Linny said...

How cute are the wolves and the little racoons!! What a fun time!

Vicky Hunt said...

I want to plan a trip up there sometime this spring...:) You can take me!

<3, Mama

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