First Things First: First Edition!

I felt like using my lunch break to write a blog post. So, here I am! I'm going to be multitasking by typing while eating my salad, yogurt and granola. Let's see how it goes! ;)
I'm linking up with Halie and Hallie for my very first go at First Things First today. You should go join in, because it's goings to be tons of fun!
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Here are this week's firsts:
*First thing I do when I wake up in the morning
Well, after I hit snooze about four times and throw a little mini tantrum over the fact that I don't want to get up, I typically put my phone on the charger and hop in the shower. A shower usually wakes me up and puts me into a more positive mindset, ha ha.
*First heart break
Oh goodness, I didn't even have to think twice about this one, lol. I started dating a guy from church (I'm not going to mention his name, just for privacy) when I was a freshman in high school. He was sweet, and cute, and hilarious. What more could a girl ask for? Believe it or not, we dated for over two years in high school, which I feel is pretty uncommon. I was head over heels in love with the kid.
He broke up with me in the church parking lot after evening service one Sunday. He was really sweet and honest about it. I remember boo hooing like a baby. Looking back at it now, it's a little embarassing. I was truly heart broken over the whole situation. I couldn't eat for like a week straight, and it took me a couple of years to completely get over him. Luckily, we were able to remain casual friends. I'm in a serious relationship, and he's married now, but we still run into each other every now and then. It was earth shattering then, but now I'm thankful for the experience and the doors that it has opened later in life.
*First high school dance or prom
I don't remember much about other dances I attended in high school, but I will never forget my proms. My Junior prom was the first formal event I ever attended in my life. I actually originally wasn't even going to go because the break-up I just mentioned happened right before it, and I was still depressed. Ha ha. My friends eventually talked me into it last minute, so I borrowed a dress and went with a group of my best girl friends.
We had dinner at a Japanese steakhouse and our moms chauffered us around all night, ha ha. One of my friends hair-do fell out before we even made it to the dance, and we had to stop by Claire's in the mall to buy stuff to fix it again. Really, it was all quite comical. In the end, it ended up being a really fun night. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures on this computer. Maybe I will add some later!
I think one reason I love posts like this is because I always remember things I haven't thought about in years! Good times, folks. Good times.
Make sure to go share your firsts!

Halie Renee said...

High school heart breaks are definitely more dramatic than they need to be, duh! But of course we get over them and move on, and in the end we're glad they happened, or else who knows if we would have met our current loves?!

Glad to have you linking up with is today girl!

bonbon said...

You know how to get it done- blogging and eating during lunch break! I need to take a couple of lessons from you on multitasking... blogging somehow always gets left until the last thing of the day- so annoying! I just found your blog and I have really enjoyed your writing and getting to know you better. Hope you don't mind if I follow along!

new follower :)

Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

I am sorry about your breakup, but love that you guys stayed casual friends! :):)

I throw morning tantrums as well, but than I make coffee and the world seems a WHOLE lot better:)
thanks for linking up with us, I am your newest follower and a seminole fanatic as well:):)


Miranda said...

That is definitely true! I wouldn't have it any other way!

Love the link up! :)

Miranda said...

Usually I wait until like 10 PM, lol. I guess I was just feeling inspired, ha ha.

Thanks for following! I'm going to head over to your blog as well. :)

Miranda said...

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to reading more of your blog! :)

And Go 'Noles! :)

Jenn said...

Im joining in on the fun for this week! :)

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