Florida February Weekends

This is my second post of the day, but I really want to share my weekend with y'all!

I left work early on Friday and John and I drove down to my parent's place to spend a couple of days. I am originally from a very rural area of Florida, so I won't even bother to mention the name of the town or anything, ha ha. We spent Friday night and Saturday there, and had a really good time. My family is seriously the best. 

Friday night my mom made lasagna for us for dinner. Her lasagna is the best I have ever had to this day. John agreed that it's amazing too. I ate healthy and worked out all week, and then probably ruined it with those two pieces of lasagna on Friday night. :p After dinner, John and I played a word game called Dabble with my mom and cousins. 

The goal of the game is to form a 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 letter word with the 20 tiles that you randomly draw out of a bag. It's much harder than it looks, especially if you get letters like Q or X, or an apostrophe symbol. You also can't use proper nouns. Needless to say, we all got very competitive over it. I won the most games, and I will be honest, I was a little braggy. However, we played again on Saturday before we left and I didn't win a single time. That's what I get for rubbing it in people's faces. ;)

Saturday morning my brother had to get up early to go take the ACT. (He's a senior in high school.) My mom made us all a grilled cheese for breakfast, and then John and I went back to sleep for a little while. When we got up we got ready and drove over to Shired Island, which is a little tiny island off of the Gulf of Mexico. The weather was the definition of perfect yesterday. It's the beginning of February and we were all running around in shorts and light jackets. Some of my friends who live up north have been posting pictures on Facebook of all of the snow, and to think that I spent the day at a beach is kind of funny. This is the time of year that you just have to love living in Florida. 

The epitome of perfect weather.
John soaking up some sun. 
Sitting on the pier. How does a native Floridian have legs this white?  ;)
John took about 500 pictures of me, ha ha. 
We hiked over to that side of the island.
Contemplating life...lol. 
I love him. :)
I'm not the greatest at taking pictures in the sun!
We spent about five hours at Shired, having a picnic and hiking around the island. It was a great day, but being in the sun wore us out. After spending a little more time with my family, John and I drove back to Tallahassee. It was such a nice, low-key couple of days. John and my family make me feel so overwhelmed...with blessings. :)

Today has been super lazy. I went to church this morning, followed by lunch with some friends. Since I have been home I have just been lying around, blogging, watching TV, and doing a little writing. I'm trying not to completely dread work tomorrow. 

Have a great Sunday night! 

Vicky Hunt said...

I am so glad you and John got to come...:) It was a wonderful weekend...perfect really! I love you oh so much....<3 Hopefully we will get up to Tally soon....Mama

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