Weekend Shenanigans

It's a Monday.
Aren't y'all excited?
Ha ha, yeah right. I'm definitely not either.
I'm not doing anything particularly exciting right now. Just eating my yogurt with a fork, because that's what I grabbed instead of a spoon. Oops.
Also, I'm super jealous of all of you that have work off for President's Day today. But, I forgive you.
Anywho, I thought I would link up with Sami and share my weekend shenanigans! It was a pretty low-key weekend, but sometimes that's just the way I like the.
Well, I worked 8-5 on Friday. Boo. Work has been making me insane the past few weeks. Insane in the membrane. There has been so much going on! I have to give myself encouraging pep talks on the drive to the office every morning.
I left work at exactly 5:01 and drove over to campus to meet up with John at the FSU vs. URI baseball game. (Which we won by the way. Go 'Noles!) The game had started at 4:00, so I was obviously late, but I still got to enjoy about an hour and a half of it.
John and I left from there and drove over to my house. I changed clothes and grabbed the stuff I needed to bake his belated Valentine's treat, which I mention here.
From there we left, swung by Zaxby's to grab some dinner, and then drove over to his place. We sat in front of the TV watching Bewitched while we ate, and then I baked his dessert.
After that we watched an episode of Chuck (we are slowly making our way through the series) and then a little of a basketball game, which I completely fell asleep during.
John sent me home early because I was tired, ha ha. I'm getting old. :(
I successfully slept until 10:30, which is really late for me! It was amazing.
I then ventured downstairs, made an egg sandwhich, and sat in front of the TV for a couple of hours catching up on my recorded episodes of Dance Moms and The Big Bang Theory.
When I finally talked myself into moving, I went upstairs and deep cleaned my room and bathroom, did some laundry, and filed some bills and other paperwork.
I worked out for about 30 minutes, trying this new one room interval workout I found on Pinterest. It's basically reps of things like jumping jacks, squats, and marching in place. You do the whole thing, rest for two minutes, and then do it again. I was impressed with how good it left me feeling.
I showered, and took a nap. Then I went and grabbed some dinner, and my roommates and I lounged around the living room watching movies.
Sometimes being lazy is really nice.
I woke up around 9:00, and did the same workout that I did on Saturday.
I showered and got ready, and then drove to church. After service, I went out to lunch with a big group of my church friends
I went home and blogged/wrote a little.
My roommates and I lounged around and watched more movies, ha ha.
I went to Bible study around 6, and then went to John's house for a couple of hours after that.
And then I came home, dreaded Monday a little, and went to bed.
Don't be jealous of my exciting life. :p Ha ha, it was actually a really nice weekend. I'm really laid back, so it doesn't take much to entertain me!
Would you believe that I didn't take a single picture this weekend though? That's really out of character for me!
Make sure to go link up and share your shenanigans! :)

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