Friday's Letters


Dear Weekend,
I'm so excited you are finally here! I live for you lately. I really wish you didn't always take so long to come around!

Dear Saturday Morning,
Thank you for allowing me to sleep in tomorrow. I am so looking forward to not opening my eyes until at least 10:00...hopefully.

Dear John,
It's your birthday weekend, and I'm so excited to celebrate with you! You are the best boyfriend in the world, and 24 is going to look so good on you. :)

Dear TLC,
All of the bridal shows on Friday night make for the best night of the week for television. However, when there are so many reruns it makes me sad. :( But, of course I'm going to watch them again anyway, ha ha. 

Dear Florida,
Your weather has been the definition of perfect the past couple of days. Spring is truly here, and I am loving it! Just please don't let it rain tomorrow night! I don't want my plans to be ruined!

Dear Paycheck,
Thanks for making your way into my bank account today. Sadly, you will be gone within just a few days. But, I'm thankful that you help me pay all of my bills comfortably.


Vicky Hunt said...

Dear Miranda....I love you with all my heart...:)
Love, Mama

Sarah said...

AHH i didn't open my eyes until ten!! Saturday morning was good to me :) Hope it was good to you too!!

Have a good weekend pretty lady!

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