Easter and Such

Sorry my weekend recap is going up so late! I typically try to get it up earlier, but after work things just went in a different direction. I got the urge earlier today to rearrange and reorganize my room, so that's exactly what I did when I got home and I am loving it. I then spent the rest of the night doing roomie shenanigans with Amber and Alyssa, which basically translates to laughing at bad TV, complaining about work and homework, and making burnt chocolate chip pancakes. I wouldn't trade these nights for the world though. 

So, let's get to the weekend summary!

Friday night I made breakfast for dinner and the roomies and I had the guys over for food and games. We played Werewolf, which is a version of the card game Mafia...if you know what that is. I had never played before, but it was fun! Just like any other card game though, I didn't win. I have the most terrible luck when it comes to cards!

I slept in on Saturday! It was glorious. When I woke up Amber and I went to Publix to buy stuff for the next day's Easter dinner. It took a while, because we were preparing a feast, basically. After grocery shopping we went to the pool and soaked up some sun for a couple of hours. Goodness know this white Florida girl needed it! I need a little color for this weekend's upcoming beach trip! After the pool we got pedicures, and then I came home and laid around for a while, then showered and ran some errands. I also found a new bathing suit for the beach...finally! That night I made sour cream biscuits for dinner the next day. (You can see the recipe for these in my previous post!)

Sunday was Easter of course! I put on a springy outfit and went to church, which was great. When we got back home we cooked up a storm! Let me tell you...we had so much food; ribs, beef brisket, homemade macaroni and cheese, biscuits, corn on the cob, potatoes, brussell sprouts, mushrooms...everything! Ha ha. Everyone ate a lot, and we still had a ton of leftovers! Besides grubbing, we spent the majority of the time outside in the sun playing games of cornhole...very competitive games if I may say so! Ha ha. I even accidentally elbowed Amber in the lip...it was intense! Needless to say, my team never won a game. :p

Here are a couple of pictures. Sorry for the quality...I really don't know what has happened to my camera! It's just not working worth a hoot anymore!

Sweet dreams, blog friends!

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