There comes a time (or many times, actually) in every young woman's life during which some sad facts have to be faced.
Do you ever have one of those days where you find yourself referring to the past a lot? Like, "Oh...high school was so great. Those were the days." *Insert daydream about being 16 here.*
I had one of those days today. This made me think about some things that may be a little hard to accept. Here are a few things I'm trying my hardest to understand.
Number one.
I will never have a summer vacation. Ever. Again.
Is this not the most depressing thought you can have in life? Remember those days when you were still living at home, and had no job, so when school was out for the summer you literally had three months of free time to do whatever the heck you wanted? You could sleep until noon. You could wear your pajamas all day. You wore your bathing suit for a week straight because you were at the pool so much. Where are these times? Now, unless you're a teacher, you're lucky to get five days off a year.
Number two.
The Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, and the Spice Girls are never getting back together.
Unless a miracle occurs.
My roommates and I were listening to iTunes on shuffle and The Backstreet Boys came on. Such joy came into my life. Then the song ended, and the joy was gone.
N'Sync, I just want you to know that you're break-up literally "tore up my heart."
Okay, now I'm just sound cheesy and crazy.
Number three.
Lizzie McGuire. The Amanda Show. Boy Meets World. Even Stevens. Doug.
There will just never be any shows that compare with these.
Yeah, they're making the new Girl Meets World show...but don't get too excited. It won't be the same.
Of course, I will still watch it and hope for the best.
Number four.
I have to wear real clothes for life now.
You know those high school and college days where you wake up feeling a little lazy, so you just throw on the jeans you wore yesterday and the first t-shirt in your stack? Oh, and flip flops.
That was my favorite.
Sometimes you could even get away with wearing sweatpants.
Now, not only do we have to wake up at 6 AM to go sit at a desk for nine hours, but we also have to wear...*gulp*...business casual clothing.
Number five.
My parents will never pay for my gas again.
Well, I won't say never. Maybe they will give me the occasional birthday money that I will then turn around and use for gas.
But it's just not the same.
And gas is expensive. Really expensive.
It took $51.00 to fill up my car today.
Mommy...please pay for my gas.
I'm thinking about making this kind of a weekly blogging topic. Because I have a lot of things like this I could talk about.
Maybe it could even eventually lead to a linkup of some sort! That could be fun.

Lisa said...

thanks for making me uber depressed!
well, not as depressing as *Nsyncs outfits in that picture!

Sarah said...

i totally agree...well except for the summer vacation, as a teacher i still get those :)

I SO miss those tv shows, they really do not make them like that anymore!!

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