'Tis Been a Long Day Folks

Work has been so incredibly crazy these past couple of days! I have literally been going pedal to the medal on all of my projects and I am still not finished. This makes for a pretty mentally exhausted Miranda. However, I do love how the days go by so much faster when I'm slammed. That's definitely a positive.
So, it is Tuesday already, and that means I'm linking up with the super Halie and her lovely co-hosts for some First Things First!
First Things First
This week we are talking about:
First thing I would do/buy if I won the lottery.
I would get rid of my student loans, first and foremost. Seriously, those things wouldn't stand a chance! I would then pay off credit cards and my car and anything else that I am still owing on, and put a good chunk of change in savings.
After all of the responsible stuff, I would split the remaining money in half and give half of it to my parents and brother, and then use the rest to support myself while I write full time and work on getting published.
Oh, and somewhere in there I would go on a major vacation and travel Europe.
Hey, that was easier to answer than I thought it would be.
First person I call when I get amazing news.
Definitely my Mama. When I pick up the phone to call or text with good news my hand automatically dials her number.
John has become a close second to that though. :)
First thing I do when I've had a bad day.
When I reach the end of a bad day, I really just want to be by myself. So usually, I will come home and hoard myself in my room for an hour or so and watch TV or take a nap or something else really productive.  :p That typically makes me feel better, and then I can spend the rest of the evening being happy with John or my roommates.
If I don't have that alone time I can get pretty grumpy. Trust me, I don't even like myself when I'm grumpy.
Are you sharing your firsts today?

Vicky Hunt said...

Aaawww! I'm so glad I still rank number one for sharing exciting news with...:) I know John will eventually nudge me out of that spot, so I'm going to enjoy it while I still can...:) Love you!


Joanna @ JayBirds Flight said...

Thanks for linking up today! I love that your mom is still number one!

Halie Renee said...

Traveling to Europe sure does sound amazing! I'd want to do the same! Specifically, Italy - because I want to eat all the pizza and pasta over there! Glad to have you again this week girl :)

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