Sunburn is Mandatory

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! To all of you men and women who have served and continue serving and protecting our country...thank you. It is because of you that we are able to enjoy these beautiful freedoms. God Bless you all!
This has been the most fantastic three-day weekend. I so hate to see it end...it truly saddens me that my alarm will be going off in nine hours. These past three days have been packed full of fun and sun. Great memories have been made, and sun burn has been received.
Friday evening John and I went to the movies with some friends. We saw the new Star Trek, and I really enjoyed it. I've never been a Star Trek fan, but I have watched both of the newer movies and liked them a lot. After the movie I just hung out with John at his place for a while, where we watched King of the Hill. Such quality entertainment, ha ha.
Saturday morning I got up bright and early and headed down to the Ichetucknee River with a big group of friends. This is really close to my hometown, so we met up with my brother and a couple of his friends and spent the day tubing down the river (twice!), eating lunch from a cooler, swimming in the springs, and walking the nature trails. The weather was absolutely perfect, and we were exhausted by the end of the day. Amber and I even woke up with sore arms yesterday morning from paddling our way down the river. Somehow the only picture I ended up with from the trip is this picture of my brother squeezed into Amber's tank. The kid is crazy.
We returned home pretty exhausted that night, but we were also starving so we managed to shower and make a trip to Applebee's for some late dinner. I have been trying to eat less than 1,300 calories a day, so I chose to go with one of their under 550 calorie options. I had chicken with Portobello mushrooms, veggies, and a few potatoes. It was delicious, and really filled me up.
Sunday morning it was time for some churchin'. Amber and I have been trying out a new church together, so before service started we met some of the young adults in the congregation at Donut Kingdom (best donuts in Tallahassee) for breakfast. Service was really great, and afterwards we had lunch with a group of people at a local restaurant called Kool Beans Caf√©. I had never been there before that, but I will definitely be going back. It's very bright colored and funky. The walls are filled with tons of bright art done by local artists, and the menu varies daily. The food options were a little pricey, but also very unique so it was definitely worth it. I had grit cakes, topped with angouille sausage, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. That definitely wasn't in my diet, but I had already decided to be a little more lenient for the remainder of the weekend.
Following brunch, Amber and I ran around town gathering stuff up for our Memorial Day cookout. We bought stuff for hamburgers, hotdogs and all the fixin's. We even borrowed a grill in order to prepare the food in true Memorial Day fashion. After we finished our errands I washed and cleaned my car, and then went to the store to pick up a few things so that I could make John dinner. I made him chicken pesto pasta, broccoli, and garlic bread with peanut butter chocolate brownies for dessert. It was a success, but of course it didn't happen without a little silliness.
Since today was a holiday, there was no work for this girl! We had friends over for lots of yummy food and fun activities. Amber and I mastered the grill and had all of the food ready in less than thirty minutes. We grill better than any man I know, if I do say so myself.
Since we were all stuffed after lunch, we went out to work off those calories with a few games of cornhole. This has become quite a competition within my group of friends. My cornhole partner Alex and I have been striving to beat Amber and her partner Tom. We came pretty close today. One day, victory will be ours!
We worked up a good sweat out in the Florida sun, so we spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool. I wish I could spend all day, every day at the pool. At least during the summer anyway. Following all of the Memorial Day fun I had dinner with John and some friends visiting from out of town at Sonny's. It was a nice end to a perfect weekend.
And would this holiday really be complete without a good sunburn? This is what happens when you're having too much fun to reapply your sunscreen, folks.

Vicky Hunt said...

What a fun weekend! That brother of yours....;)And we have matching sunburns....ouch! Love you bunches...:)


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