SYTYCD, College Majors, and First Dates

Hey folks.
All I have to say is, you know you're getting old when you ditch movie plans to stay home and order pizza and watch TV. That's basically what happened with my roommate and I. We were going to go see The Great Gatsby around 7:00, but decided we are just too lazy.
And...I'm perfectly okay with that, because guess what premiers tonight?
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So You Think You Can Dance!!!!
Anyone else a fan? I have been crazy about it for the past three or four years. Cannot wait!
Now, as per the Tuesday usual...it's time to link up with Halie and Hallie for Firsts and Lasts.
First Things First
Today we are talking about:
First major in college?
Yes...I am one of those people. And by that I mean, I changed my major. Twice. Although, I wish I would have stuck with my first one now.
I began as an English major, because I absolutely love reading, writing, grammar, and everything else to do with the subject. I wanted to be a journalist, or a high school English teacher. However, a lot of people kept telling me that majoring in English would cause me to hate reading and writing, and that scared me. Those have been my favorite things since I was old enough to hold a book!
So, the first semester of my sophomore year I took my first Sociology class. It was so interesting and different than anything I had ever studied, so I changed my major to Sociology and went down that track for a year and a half. I wanted to go to grad school for Sociology and be a professor or an investigative author.
Well, my GPA was barely a 3.0 due to working so much and supporting myself outside of school. That wasn't high enough for grad schools. So, I changed my major to Social Science, which was a little more lenient. I focused on the subjects of Sociology and Geography, and wanted to be a high school Social Studies teacher.
And here I am, almost five years later...wishing I would have stuck to English. But, there's a reason for everything.
First date success story?
I never really "dated" when I was younger. It was always more like hanging out. I dated my first boyfriend for about two years in high school, and the first "date" for him and I was playing 20 questions in the church van on the way home from a youth retreat. A few months after that we went to Wild Adventures theme park and spent the day there and saw a Switchfoot concert there that night.
Even though those weren't generic dates, I would still count them as successes.
As for John and I, our first date was to my sorority's formal last spring. It was a great night.
Peace out, girl scouts.

Vicky Hunt said...

I'm watching SYTYCD now! Shaping up to be another great season...:) Love you!


heydanixo said...

I know how it is changing your major and going back and forth.
Have fun watching SYTYCD (:

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