Growing Up is Hard to Do

I spent this past weekend down in my hometown for all of my brother Dakota's graduation festivities. He is almost six years younger than I am, and it is completely unfathomable to me that he is almost 18 years old. It does not seems like he should be a high school graduate yet! It has been five years since my own high school graduation, which makes his commencement even more unbelievable.
Aside from his graduation and graduation party, I just spent a lot of much needed time with my family. I am building my life in a completely different place. Tallahassee is a couple of hours away from my family, and while I love it, sometimes there is still no place like the place you grew up. It never takes me long to revert back to my small town, country roots. It was a little difficult to come back to Tally after three days at home.
I spent a couple of hours looking at a ton of old pictures of Dakota and I. With both of us being adults now, it's sad to look back and know that we will never be little kids again. Life was so simple, and so much fun back then. In honor of his graduation, I have a few childhood pictures of us to share.

I was probably five years old in this picture. It's one of my favorites...Dakota was so little! It's funny to look at because he is taller and stronger than I am now! And yes, I am wearing a tiara with my bathing suit. What else would you expect of a Florida princess?
We are rocking some 3D glasses in this picture. Does anyone remember when Nickelodeon used to run special episodes of Rugrats or Rocket Power that you could buy 3D glasses to watch? They were normally in a box of cereal or something like that. Those were the days.
Gosh, I was always such a chunk...ha ha. I don't know why Dakota always has his face so squinched up...maybe that was how he smiled! Regardless, I think we were still pretty darn cute.
We are with two of my cousins here. There were only two then...there are five of them now! I love Dakota's little blonde bowl cut. Why were we in such a hurry to grow up?
And here we are now...23 and 17, although I have heard from numerous people that he actually looks older than me! I suppose that's a good thing though, right?
I am so blessed to call him my brother. God gave us very different personalities...I'm reserved and mature, and Dakota is crazy and carefree. We make a good sibling team though. I wouldn't have it any other way. Although our childhood has come to an end, I know there are still many more memories to come.
Congratulations Dakota...I love you!

Vicky Hunt said...

Love it! I'm still coming to terms with him being an adult! You'll both always be my babies though.......:)
Love, Mama

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