"I Made Macaroni!"

And like a thief in the night, Monday has come again. This day of the week is so sneaky. It kind of scares me.
Welcome back to responsibility, folks! I hope y'all had a weekend as fabulous as mine. In true weekend fashion it was busy and relaxing at the same time.
After work on Friday I attended my friend Amber's jewelry party that she hosted. Partly because I was curious to see what a jewelry party consists of, and partly because she is also my roommate whom I love dearly and she asked me to come. But...the deciding factor for my attendance was the fact that it was at our house, and well...I live there. I couldn't exactly hide in my room the whole time. The guests would think I'm creepy.
After the party I drove across town to John's house to spend the evening with him. The first thing we did was drive over to Marble Slab Creamery for our favorite ice cream...the appropriately named Peanut Butter Galaxy. It consists of chocolate ice cream, with peanut butter, Reeses cups, and Reeses Pieces mixed in. I don't remember how we discovered this frozen treat, but it's basically the only kind we want to eat now. However, it probably has about 1,500 calories in it, so we only eat it every couple of months. I should have taken a picture of it to share, but frankly, I was more concerned about getting it back to his house and eating it. I did take time to pause and take a picture of the sunset that evening. I always love when it sets behind clouds and outlines them with light.
Back at his place we watched The Truman Show. I love Jim Carey, but somehow I had never watched this movie. Has anyone else seen it? I was skeptical at first because it was a little confusing, but everything came together in the end I liked it. To sum up the plot, Jim Carey is basically the main character in a show about his life. The twist? He doesn't know that he's being filmed.
Oh, you're probably wondering about the title of this post. It's actually a line from the movie. Since Truman's show is broadcasted live, the producer has to sneak in advertisements, and the macaroni statement was just one of the funny ones.
Saturday morning, my mom arrived to spend a couple of days with me. After sitting at my house for a while, we drove over to meet John's mom for lunch. It was nice to sit and spend some time with them together. They are both teachers, so we certainly didn't run out of things to talk about!
When we were full, we headed off for a day of shopping. My parents and brother Dakota are leaving Saturday to go on a week long cruise for Dakota's senior trip so my mom has been looking for cruise clothes. She had really good luck, especially at TJ Maxx, Beall's, and Ross. We were wiped out by the end of the day, so we made a quick stop at Winn Dixie to buy groceries. When we got back to my place, I made a dinner of queso and chips, tacos, and brownies for Mama, my roommates, John, and some other friends.
Sunday morning we slept in a little, and then headed out to finish up the shopping spree. This time we made a visit to Barnes and Noble and Burlington Coat Factory, then had a delicious lunch at Jason's Deli. She left town around 4:00 and as always, I was sad to see her go. I'm glad she at least gets to come spend weekends with me every now and then. I'm also kicking myself a little now for not taking any pictures this weekend! I guess we were just in the shopping zone.
I spent the rest of the evening taking a a little time to myself. I sat in bed and watched a marathon of Sex and the City while working on the next chapter of my book that I have been writing. I have 6 chapters finished now, and I'm aiming for 25. I have a new goal to finish it by the end of July.
It's sad to be at work after such a good weekend, but there's always another one around the corner!

Halie Renee said...

Seems like a good weekend to me! I always have pretty great luck at Ross - at least on the days I'm in the mood to go on a scavenger hunt for something good! Other days, it's too overwhelming and I leave without spending more than 10 minutes...

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