Just Call Me Oddball

So, remember just a few posts ago when I said that I wasn't quite ready for a custom blog design yet?
Well, I lied. The more blogs I read and the more cute designs I saw, I just couldn't take it anymore. So I took the plunge.
Obviously things are looking way different around here! I could not be more in love with the design that Erin at Love, Fun, and Football created for me. She took everything that I told her I wanted and made something completely adorable...in record time too! I literally contacted her one day, paid the next, and it was installed on the third. She is also super sweet, which made things even better. Thanks again Erin! If you're blog needs a makeover, make sure to go see her, you hear?
There is another reason that today is a special day. It's this kid's birthday!

That's right, my baby brother is 18 years old today! It's a little scary to think that we are both officially adults. I hope he doesn't mind that I'm putting a picture of him in his underwear for all of the internet to see. ;)
I'm actually the only member of my family who doesn't have a birthday in June. My mom's was just a few days ago on the 5th, Dakota's is today, and my dad's is coming up on the 23rd. I'm the lone September baby, which I guess makes me the odd girl out! I suppose I'm okay with that though. I've had almost 24 years to get used to it!
Well, I'm off for now. I'll see y'all tomorrow...on FRIDAY!!!

Vicky Hunt said...

LOVE the new design!!! Cute yet classy....just like my favorite girl! Love the sweet pix of Kota too....:)I love you bunches!


DwnInLndn said...

found your blog from erin, she is GREAT at designing! Can't wait to follow along


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