Quirk Confessions

As human beings, we all do strange things. We all have those little quirks and habits that we don't always tell other people about. No one wants to receive the "you're crazy" look. That's no fun. Sometimes though, I think it's best to just go ahead and share some of the quirky things you do.  There will always be someone out there who can relate! And in the end, it's always best to be honest...especially with yourself. In honor of an upcoming weekend full of craziness, I'm sharing some of the quirky/silly things that I plead guilty to.
The doe-eyed Bambi.
This tends to happen when I'm really concentrating. I have a really bad habit of raising my eyebrows and opening my eyes super wide...which makes me look startled all the time. I tend to do this when I'm looking at something on the computer at work, or even just writing an article or blog post like I'm doing now. The same thing would happen when I would take tests in college. I guess I also do it when I'm talking to coworkers. I've had them ask me on more than one occassion if everything is okay. It's okay folks, I'm not afraid. Just concentrating.
Lunch hour nap time.
At least once a week I will skip out on eating lunch, close my office door, and legitimately take a nap in my desk chair. I'm always afraid someone is going to walk in and find me in a dead sleep. Not gonna lie though, they're pretty awesome naps.
First thing I do when I get home? Check behind the shower curtain.
I am deathly afraid of my house being broke into. That's just an irrational fear that I have. When I walk into my room after being gone for the day, I always check behind the shower curtain. Maybe that's a little paranoid, but I just feel better if I do it!
The "Nah, I'll just start over."
Most things that I work on nowdays are on the computer. However, if I'm ever working on something that involves handwriting on a piece of paper and I mess up, I can't just cross it out and go on. I have to get a completely new sheet of paper and start from the beginning. I used to rewrite my notes when I was still in school if there were too many scribbled out words on the paper. I just like things to be neat! I know..."ain't nobody got time fo dat." Except for me I guess.
Compulsive showering.
I literally cannot leave the house without a shower, even if I just had one the night before. I also have to wash my hair every day or it drives me insane. (I know...that's bad for it.)  There are many days that I shower twice. I just really like to be super clean all the time I guess.
What are some of your quirks?
I hope you all have a great weekend! Anything exciting planned? Tonight I'm having dinner with some friends, Saturday I'm going to Wild Adventures theme park and Sunday will be the usual church and relaxation. I'm looking forward to it, and I'm sure I will talk more about it on Monday!
Vicky Hunt said...

Yep....definitely my daughter! :) Love , Mama

The Nanny Jenny said...

Haha I love your irrational fear, my bed can never be underneath a ceiling fan for an irrational fear of it falling on me in my sleep.

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