Storytime: The Day I Got Hit On at Circle K

My friend Amber and I have had a recurring conversation over the past couple of weeks. Somehow, we have frequently visited the subject of getting hit on, and we have come to a common realization...it doesn't happen a lot.
This of course leads to the question of...what in the world is wrong with me? It seems like every day someone has a story about a new "normal" guy hitting on her at the grocery store. While Amber and I are both in relationships and could really care less if we are getting "hit on" or not, the insecure female in us can't help but wonder why we don't have any of these stories.
What we do have, however, are ultimate creeper tales. Today, I'm breaking out the storybook and telling you about one of these. I like to refer to him as "Reeses Egg Guy."
Picture it, Tallahassee...2013. (Sophia from the Golden Girls, anyone?)
It was a lovely spring afternoon here in Florida. I ran walked to my car after leaving the office, started then engine, and realized that my gas light was on. Of course...it always happens when you're not expecting it, am I right? So, instead of turning in the direction of home, I went the opposite way to the nearest gas station.
Like any other young adult who had experienced a killer day at work, I was craving caffeine like nobody's business. Therefore, I decided to go inside to pay for my gas so that I could get a drink, rather than paying at the pump. This was where I went wrong.
I walked inside, grabbed a Mountain Dew (I know, they're terrible for you...), and headed up to the register. On the way there I got distracted by a display of little yellow packages from heaven. Little yellow packages that only appear around Easter time. You guessed it...Reeses eggs. Now, if you're a Reeses cup connoisseur like myself, you know that Reeses eggs are actually superior to regular Reeses cups, due to the peanut butter to chocolate ratio. Don't act like you've never noticed.
So, I grabbed one. Sue me.
After a couple minutes of waiting in line I make it to the register. I was so focused on getting out of there and heading home that I didn't even look at the guy as I plopped my stuff down onto the counter and asked, "Can I also get $25 on pump 4?"
The response was what made me look up at the cashier. "Why...YES you CAN."
It was the voice of a creeper. When I made eye contact with him he was giving me a super creepy smile. I smiled back to be polite, and then he moved on to his next plan of action...talking about my purchase.
"Those are them eggs with the bunnies on the commercials right? Where the bunnies lay the eggs instead of chickens?"
I knew he was actually thinking of Cadbury eggs, but I didn't correct him and I just kind of laughed because I didn't know how long that conversation could take. He then moved on to asking about my day while I was running my card. He gave me my receipt and I grabbed my stuff and then he struck again.
"Now, I've never had one of those eggs, so you'll have to come back and tell me how good it was, you hear?"

I laughed and said okay as I was backing towards the door. He continued,
"No, I'm serious. Come back and see me. I'll be watching for you."
At this point I just waved and turned around, bolting out of the door before he could say anything else. After I pumped my gas and got in the car I just laughed. Then I began to question whether or not it was really creepy, or if he was just being polite. Considering that he didn't say two words to any of the customers ahead of me, I'm going to go with my initial reaction.
So, while I'm certainly not the only girl that has been hit on in a gas station...I don't really know how many can say that they were hit on at the expense of a Reeses egg.
And that concludes today's story hour. Maybe some other time I will share my second gas station experience, or the time the guy chatted me up in Payless. Or maybe both. It depends on how much I'm ready to embarrass myself. Don't get too excited.
Have a great weekend!

Vicky Hunt said...

Literally laughing out loud! Why haven't I heard this story young lady....or the payless one! Your readers....and mama want to know!

Love you, Mama

Kat said...

Too funny! Look at it this way, he may have been creepy but you got a great blog post out of it ;)

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