Why I'm Not a Med Student: A Tribute to My Guy

There's an old saying that goes a little something like this:
"Some people were meant to be doctors, and some people were meant to date them."
Oh, what? That's not an actual saying? Maybe I just made it up then.
It's no secret that being a doctor is not an "easy as pie" career. Physicians have one of the most important professions in the world. They strive to not only help individuals live a healthy life, but also to cure those that have been diagnosed with terrible diseases. It's a career that you can't simply "leave on the desk at 5 PM." The work requires copious amounts of passion and dedication.
Something perhaps not as often thought of when it comes to doctors, is the amount of schooling that they have to undergo in order to be given that title. We know that medical school is no joke, but most don't witness the hours and hours that are dedicated to studying and other requirements. I have been dating a med student for the past nine months, and I have to say that I have an even deeper appreciation for those that decide to go into this field. I have had the privilege to see John become excited over what he is doing. I have witnessed his undying motivation to improve and succeed. I have learned that it truly takes a special type of person to succeed on this career path. Sure, they have to have a brilliant mind, but more than that...they have to have a heart for the greater good.
Isn't he a cutie?
Today, John takes a very important step in his schooling. He has reached the halfway point of med school, and he now has to pass his board exam in order to move forward into his third year. Somewhere in a room across town, my sweet guy is taking this eight hour exam. I have watched him study diligently over the past few weeks and I know he has been under a crazy amount of stress. So, in order to maybe lighten his mood a little and bring a smile to his face, I'm going to share a few reasons why I, myself am NOT a med student.
1. I am pretty much the worst Science student you will ever meet.
If you had asked me what my least favorite subject was in the fifth grade, and then ask me again today, the answer would be the same. Science. Whether it's Biology, Chemistry, Environmental...whatever...I am not even remotely good at understanding the concepts. From what I understand, you kind of have to have a knack for science to be a doctor. Who knew?
2. Blood and needles make me woozy.
I have to mentally prepare myself to get a finger prick when I get a checkup. It's not a pretty sight. I wouldn't last half a second in the operating room. I would probably faint before I even finished putting on all of my sanitary clothing.
3. I cry at the drop of a hat.
I believe that compassion is an important characteristic of someone who is going to be a medical doctor, but in my case it would be a negative characteristic. I become way too emotionally attached to people and situations. Patients and families want someone who can be supportive and reassuring, not someone who just stands there and bawls like a baby in a sad situation.
4. My handwriting is too nice.
Don't pretend like you have never heard the stereotype that doctors have bad handwriting. Come on, it's not even a stereotype...because we all know it's true! Doctors have awful penmanship. Mine is quite good. I can't check that qualification off of the med school application.
5. My attention span for studying lasts about two hours at the absolute most.
John studies for about twelve hours a day. That sounds like torture to me. I can't remember stuff after a couple of hours!
6. I don't like hospitals...or even doctor's offices.
Yeah...probably wouldn't make much sense to have to work somewhere that makes you hyperventilate.
7. I can't pronounce drug names.
I just have one question...who names drugs? I consider myself to be fairly educated in the art of reading and pronouncing words. But, I can't even halfway say the names of these drugs without sounding them out like a first grader.
8. I look terrible in white.
It's true. Being of a fairer skin tone, I just don't think that white coat would do anything for me.
You see my points?
Basically, I just wanted to use this post to not only wish John luck on his exam, but also to encourage other med students. They are doing an awesome thing. I feel so fortunate to have a boyfriend that is overcoming every obstacle in his path to achieve his calling.
I love you so much John, and I am praying for you always. I couldn't be more proud of you. You're going to kick butt on this exam and move on to the next journey in your schooling.

Sara Pilling said...

Wishing John all the very best with his upcoming exam. I am sure that he will be fine and hopefully pass with flying colors in order to progress to the next stage in his career. Give him plenty of encouragement and be prepared to spend some girly time with your girlfriends whilst he studies for this....x

Vicky Hunt said...

Have been praying for John and will be all day! I am so proud of him and I know God didn't bring him this far for nothing! He is going to do well.....I have faith! Proud of my Randa Pooh too.....Love you!

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