Don't Worry, Be Happy {Guest Post: Halie}

Happy Monday, blog world! As you already know, I'm not around this week...I'm off gallivanting up to Pennsylvania to visit some family.

Don't worry, I'm not leaving you hanging! I have a full week of guest bloggers lined up, beginning with the amazing Halie. I was so excited when I discovered her blog. Not only is she a fellow Florida girl, but we also live in the same city. Her precious little blog has become one of my daily reads. I'm excited to have her here today!


Hey there, new friends! Y'all probably know this already, but Miranda is on a giant road trip up to Pennsylvania this week - and so I'm kicking off the week of guest posts for her today! So once again, hello there! I'm Halie and I blog at Penguins, Pasta & Polka Dots. In a nutshell, I'm a wife-to-be planning my wedding for this upcoming October. I write about my silly adventures, bike rides, food, books, movies, crafts, nail art, losing weight and getting healthy, and all sorts of other random things. It's quite fun, if I do say so myself. :)

I'm typically a very positive and upbeat kinda gal. I love having fun and laughing, and I love finding new things that make me happy. Of course it changes all the time, sometimes almost daily it feels like, but today I just want to share with you 5 quick things that are currently making me super happy!

1. Summer time. I love the sunshine and the beach and swimming and working on my tan. Seriously - it's one of my favorite things about living in Florida. I'd permanently set up my beach chair in the waves right there in the picture below, and read endless books while sipping fruity drinks, if that was an acceptable life choice.

2. Wedding planning! We're at a pretty fun part of the process, and I definitely have what a fellow blogger-friend of mine described as "bride brain." It's all I can think about sometimes!

3. The 4-day weekend that I was able to enjoy last week. What's the possibility we could rewind and do that all over again, huh?!

4. Watching the whole series of FRIENDS again. I've seen the whole thing multiple times (probably three or four, and then of course random episodes all the time), but my fiance hasn't ever watched them all the way through. We just started season one last week, and I'm loving it. It's definitely my favorite show!

5. Fresh fruits! Mangoes, peaches, strawberries, cherries (the fresh kind, not those nasty jar ones), green apples, bananas and watermelon - seriously y'all, summer time is great for fresh, yummy fruit, and I'm definitely trying to take advantage of that!

Simple list, but each of these things brings me so much enjoyment and happiness. I think y'all should also try to list at just five little things that make you happy. I think it makes us stop and appreciate those things so much more when we take time to actually recognize them! So think about it, and then make sure you take advantage of those things.

If it's a person - tell them.
If it's a place - go for a quick visit.
If it's an activity - get out and do it!
If it's food - definitely eat it.

Whatever it is, just make sure you take time to enjoy whatever it is that makes YOU happy!

I'm glad Miranda had me around her cute bloggy-blog today, so that I could also take the time to think about these things. But I'm also glad because it gives me a chance to make some new blog friends! I'd love for y'all to hop on over to my little space and say hello. Seriously, I love it when I get comments and emails. (I know we all do, I'm just admitting that I do indeed like it a whole super lot...) Hope to hear from  y'all soon, and meet some new friends!

Also, you can find me all over the social media world, but my favorite is definitely Instagram!
Mrs.Vaughan said...

Hi Halie! I loved your guest blog, congrats on your engagement!! You inspired me to make a list. I sometimes forget how great I have it, so thank you!!

And Rand- enjoy your trip! Tell the family I said hiii! <3

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