Freaky Friday (This Post is a Mess)

I am very discombobulated today, y'all.
Do you ever have one of those mornings where you just wake up in a state of confusion? Like you're not quite sure what day it is, and what you're supposed to be doing? That's exactly how I felt this morning. Having a day in the middle of the week off for the 4th really messed with my mental calendar. Weekend mode was kicking in early. I've also been struggling to find time to pack and prepare for my trip since we are leaving tomorrow morning. I think my brain just completely shut out the fact that I still had to come to work today.
Speaking of work, it was strange enough walking through the door on what felt like Saturday, but what's even creepier is the fact that NO ONE is here. In an office of 90-something people, there are maybe around 30 actually here. In my hallway of 20 offices, there are a whopping three lights on. I'm a little frightened. It's so quiet...like the calm before the storm. I feel like aliens are about to attack my office building or something. If you never hear from me again...you know why.
Moving on...happy belated 4th of July! I had fully intended to post yesterday, but there were people at our house all day, and I was packing during my free time, so I just didn't get the chance. I hope you all had a fabulous time celebrating and being thankful for our freedoms here in the U.S. of A.
While it was a good day for me, it may have also been the oddest Independence Day I have ever had. The weather here in Florida has been less than satisfactory so far this summer. And by that I mean RAIN...every single day. Yesterday was no different, and it literally did not stop. It was a steady drizzle all day long. Amber and I did manage to manhandle the grill with umbrellas in hand, but the food was about the only traditional thing that took place. There was no swimming, no volleyball, no cornhole...none of those fun summer holiday activities. You know what we did do though? Played some board games. Taboo got pretty heated, folks. It was nice to create some new rainy 4th of July traditions.
This post is so disorganized. I may as well run with it, right? What else can I throw in?
Oh, John and I went to see The Lone Ranger on Wednesday night. He really wanted to see it, and while I wasn't dying to watch it I still wanted to go for two reasons.
1. I love John and the movies are kind of our thing.
2. Johnny Depp was in it.
Long story short, I LOVED the movie. I told John I felt like it was one of the best movies I have seen in a while. It was funny, it was action packed, there was romance...I was just a happy camper during the entire thing. Let me sound like a movie critic here...GO SEE THE MOVIE. And if you hate it, I will accept full blame.
Hm...did anything else exciting happen to me this week? No, not really...no. Oh! I did finally get a library card for Tallahassee. I'M SO EXCITED. Must read all. of. the. books. It's not like I already have a stack of books that I haven't read yet waiting on me or anything...or maybe I do. Barnes and Noble's sales get me every time. My bookshelf overfloweth, and that's exactly how I like it.
Alright, I'm not making this post any more painful to read. I am so sorry my brain is a scattered mess today. Don't forget to stop by every day next week and read some stuff from my amazing guest bloggers! They'll be taking over Young, and In Progress while I'm out of the state for a few days, and I couldn't be more thankful!
Have a great weekend!

Hima Rajana said...

Hey, we all have those "all over the place" days! Congrats on the library card- is it weird that I think it's pretty? Ours a just a piece of black plastic- gross!
Sorry your 4th got rained out!
xo, Hima
Hima Hearts

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