Friday Makes People Crazy

It has been a very eventful week, which is a major reason that my posts have been on the boring side the past few days. I haven't written any letters in a while, so I'm going to make up for that today! There are a few people/things that I need to address.

Dear Boss,
I'm sorry that I come across as the most clueless person on the planet sometimes. I promise, I'm actually 'purdy smart. Something about making mistakes just causes me to become a deer in headlights. Plus, I'm easily intimidated. Sorry...I'm working on it.

Dear Carl Hiaasen,
A dear friend loves your books and recommended you to me. I was a little put off by the titles of some of your works..."Sick Puppy" just doesnt appeal to me for some reason. Anyway, I settled on the more promising "Star Island." I finished it in about three days, so it was obviously interesting. However, I just can't decide if your sense of humor is really my style. Satire must be your middle name.

Dear tiny office,
They're making me move out of you, into another office way down the hallway. I have to say, I'm pretty sad. We were becoming quite comfortable together, and I'm not looking forward to packing up and saying my goodbyes.

Dear friend that I angered with my honesty,
You have been ignoring me for about an hour now. I didn't say anything mean, but perhaps I didn't tell you what you wanted to hear and that's why you're mad at me. I love listening to you and giving you advice, but you are bombarding me with the same things day in and day out. It's taking a toll on not only you, but me too. Life is tough, get a helmet. I love you.

Dear laundry,
Don't worry, I'm not avoiding you. I have noticed you're piling up. I will take care of you this weekend! I'm running out of necessary clothing.

Dear Taylor Swift,
If you come on my iHeart radio station one more time, I'm going to scream. I'm never going to fall victim to your music. Sorry.

Dear job interview on Tuesday,
I could hug you. You have come around at the perfect time, and I could not be more excited. I wish you would hurry up and get here, becuase I'm ready to kick butt and get offered this job!

Dear Chick-Fil-A,
I'm still waiting around for you to offer delivery. Lunch time is right around the corner, and you're on the menu. You're just so far across town...and it makes me want to cry.

Dear Friday,
You make people do crazy things. See attachment below for proof.

Hope your weekends are fantastic!

❤Liz said...

Lmao, I love you. ❤

Cori @ Everyday Enchanted said...

I would be in heaven if Chick-Fil-A delivered! Happy Friday!

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