More Post College Facts {Guest Post: Bekah}

Happy Friday, y'all! I have been having a blast here in Pennsylvania, and my trip is coming to an end all to quickly. Tomorrow morning I will be Florida bound and heading back to reality.

Today's guest blogger is one of those people that even though you have never met  in real life, you know they are an absolute sweetheart. Bekah and I have a lot in common, and I'm honored to have her sharing some wisdom here today. Please go tell her hello after you read her post!


Hi there! I'm Bekah and I blog over at re•solve. I only recently discovered Miranda's blog, but I love how much I can relate to her. She shares my love of reading, writing, the performing arts, and most importantly, Jesus!

What really helped me relate to her was her recent blog post, Post College Misconceptions. Miranda is a college graduate of almost a year, and has learned, like many of us, that post college life isn't what one would think.

I am almost embarrassed to admit that my three year college graduation mark passed this year and I still feel like Miranda does. A lot of times I feel discouraged, like it is too late for me to have a real career. I feel frustrated that I make the same hourly rate I made with my high school diploma. I want to scream when the rent and bills go up each year and our wages don't.

In the spirit of honesty, allow me to rip a page from Miranda's book and add my own list of harsh post-graduate lessons learned:

Your GPA isn't enough: I graduated Summa Cum Laude in the top 3% of my class. I was inducted into three honor societies and invited to a fourth which I declined. Surely that would give me an edge over the competition when seeking a career. Nope. Tons of people are working their butts off and graduating with 4.0s in hopes of the same feat. What else have you got?

all those cords for nothin'...

Your extracurriculars aren't, either: I wrote for the campus newspaper. When they launched the online version, I was named the first editor. I interned for a local magazine publisher who went on to hire me part time. I won a student leadership award from the university president, for crying out loud! Nope. None of that matches the three years of experience we're magically expected to have. Try again.

Trust nobody with your resume: On the first day of my last semester, I was in the career office having my resume reviewed. Teachers and friends had proofread it and said things looked great. The career center said as much, too. A whole semester of applications and no responses later, I started to wonder. I finally paid someone to write the thing for me. Nothing. Paid someone else. Still nothing. Recently, I saw a "career expert" in the county library and showed him my latest just to see what he would say. What did he say? "I can't believe you paid for this!" Everyone told me something different. The industry is always changing and every pro has something to say. So far nothing's worked, so who knows?


So, what's left to do? Find a job you enjoy, crappy pay and all (life's too short to be miserable), and keep on keeping on! Find ways to stay relevant (you will find that many bloggers were English or Communications majors) until your time hopefully comes!

Patrick weseman said...

Going to say this: I am many out of college and I do not work in the field that I got my degree in. To be honest the skills I learned in college are pretty much useless now since everything is all digtal (I was a Mass Comm major and worked at the campus radio station and was every editor on the school newspaper including editor-in-chief) and we were taught analog stuff.

But even though I found a job in another field (and have been there for 17 years) I still use some of the skills I learn in college. It may not be the actual things I went to class for, but things like problem solving, working as team, typing (you will be suprised at the number of people who can not type), general learning, etc. I have used.

Trust me, things will get better.



Aleshea said...

Preach! Girl, I feel like you took by brain and it put it on paper. Especially the part about all the experience... You can't get experience if people don't help you get it. It's a crying shame how everything is a catch 22.

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