Summer Fun and Fashions {Guest Post: Brittany}

Y'all have almost made it to Friday...keep trucking on!

Today's guest is one of my favorite bloggers to interact with because she is just so friendly! I love keeping up with Brittany on Instagram and Twitter, and her blog of course. She's also from Canada, which is pretty awesome. That's something that's pretty cool about blogging...someone like me from Florida can interact with someone in Canada on a daily basis! Enjoy her post!


Hey Everyone! I'm Brittany from a Coffee Break with Brittany and I'm guest blogging for Miranda today. I'm so happy I could do this favor for Miranda! Hope she having a lovely time away on her vacation! But, lets get on with this blog!

Today, I'm talking about summer favorites of mine! Mainly, fashions but I might throw in a couple of other things just to mix it for you gals. When I told Miranda I would be one of her guest bloggers, I starting thinking about what I wanted to blog about and I have to say I started to freak out a bit because I couldn't really think of anything! But then BAM it hit me SUMMER! Who loves summer more than me? No one! I honestly think I would born in the wrong country sometimes (Love my Canada/Nova Scotia but darn winter is a killer sometimes!). Of course I knew I couldn't just talk about how much I loved summer so why not talk about summer fashions! Summer fashions can be so cute because you can wear such fun and bright colors. I'm all about bright colors so summer just makes me happy. So, here are some of my staples and picks for summer!

Shorts: Demin, black, white, colored etc! I love me some shorts in the summer! I think there is a pair for shorts for everyone too! I know many people don't like their legs or just don't like wearing shorts but seriously go out there and look! You don't have to wear shorty shorts, just make sure you try them on to see if they are comfortable for you!

Tank tops: I don't think I have to explain this! It is hot and they are easy to throw on! Fitted, baggy, plain, graphic etc! You name the tank top I probably have it! This means you should have some too ;)

Maxi dress: So easy to throw on and out with! Also, it is so easy to dress up and dress down. You can wear it to grocery store and then throw on some different shoes and jewelry BAM you have a date outfit or just night on the town outfit! One word of advice if you're short watch the print on dress, if it is a big print it is going to drown you! Again, you gotta try everything on gals!

Sun dress: Something fun with a print would be my suggestion for a sun dress! But you could also go simple and fresh with an amazing white dress! For a sun dress I would go with a shorter length just because you can when it is summer! Have fun with sun dresses! Some of the best ones I have found at Old Navy and Forever 21 so you can have a bunch for cheap!

Sandals/Flip Flops: Having cute sandals is a must for summer, I love flip flops for the beach and around the pool but I prefer something a bit more otherwise. I don't mean you can't have fun sandals but if I can hear the smack of your flip flops a mile away, I just shake my head. I'm not judging I just hate that smack haha ;)

Swimsuit: Yup, you need one! I know it can be the worst thing to try on swimsuits but do it and find one you like and feel comfortable in! Then if you're able to feel good about yourself when you're at the beach or the pool. Also, pick up a nice cover up too! Gotta wear something for the walk to the beach/pool.

Sunglasses: I know I'm like a broken record right now but go and try a bunch of pairs and find the ones that fit your face best! If you have a small head/face and you get huge sunnies you will look like a bug and if you have a bigger head/face and get small sunnies you looks like you're wearing kiddie sunnies! There is a right pair for everyone!

Side Note! Anytime you're going to try on stuff bring a family member or friend that is going to tell you the truth! You don't need someone telling you oh you look amazing but they are thinking man, that doesn't look good on her!

These are my top picks for things to wear for summer! I'm probably forgetting something but what can you do now really since this post is written! Now for a couple of random summer must haves!

-Starbucks Via Refreshers! LOVE!
-Caribbean Escape candle from Bath and Body Works
-good book or magazines!
-After sun lotion!
-Lots of awesome friends and family to spent summer with!

Have a great Thursday everyone! And thanks to Miranda for having me on her blog!

Happy Summer Everyone!

xo Britt

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