6 Things You Should Know About Me (Tag!)

I am an absolute sucker for a good question and answer tag. That's why I was pretty happy to see that the beautiful Kay over at The Best of Intentions tagged me in the "6 things you should know about me" post that has been filtering through blog land. As soon as I had a spare second I clicked over here to Le Blogger to use it for my second post of the day...which is rare, but I am trying to waste time. Keep your eyes peeled after my answers...you may be the next victim of this tag! ;)
1. What's your biggest struggle in life?
Easy...the big green. Moolah. MONEY. I have never really had that glorious feeling of being able to comfortably pay bills, put a good chunk in savings, and still have cash left over. I worked my butt off throughout college to pay rent, and while things improved slightly after I got my degree, it's still the biggest stress in my life. I also feel like it would be a little different if I wasn't working a job that I didn't extremely dislike...but I am. I am very blessed, don't get me wrong, but some days working a job that I am not comfortable at, combined with being broke is just too much for me to handle.
2. Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
The majority of my spare time goes to writing. Even though it's slowly becoming a side career, it's still what I enjoy more than almost anything. Besides that, I like to devour books. Devour as in read, not eat. That would be weird.
3. Who inspires you?
A few people actually...my parents being at the top of the list. They have been there through every up and down, and always manage to make life look beautiful even through the hard stuff.
4. How did your blog come about?
I actually went through a couple of different blogs before this one. Young, and In Progress came around after a one year blogging hiatus, and it just felt right. I wanted to be able to document and write about my life again. I originally planned to talk about life as a young professional, but that's not where life is leading me. So now, I talk about things dear to my heart, reading, and my journey to becoming a "real" writer.
5. Tell us something we don't know about you.
I am really easy going, but I am also very type-A. I know, that makes no sense! It's true though. I feel that I am genuine and easy to be around. I will go with the flow to avoid conflict...unless it's something that just needs to be challenged. But on the other hand, I deal with a lot of OCD tendencies and anxiety. I can worry about stuff until I make myself sick.
6. What's the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?
Never let yourself remain unhappy just to keep someone else content.
I used to be really bad about sacrificing my own happiness for the sake of someone else's. I did that a lot in unhealthy friendships and relationships, and had myself talked into believing that I could deal with it to avoid a conflict of some type. I was scared to death to stand up for myself in any situation. My mom finally made me realize though...sacrificing your own well being is not the way to go about it. It's okay to stand up for yourself and make a better path to follow.
Alrighty folks, I'm passing on the torch. The bloggers I choose to answer these questions and tag more friends (if they want to, of course) are:
Choose six to answer for yourself!
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8. Tell us something we don't know about you.
9. Who inspires you?

Live long and prosper.

Vicky Hunt said...

You trying to make me cry? I love you and can't wait to see you..:)


Haley Phillips said...

I love the advice you had been given! That is so true. Happiness should not be taken away to make another person happy.

Love it & your blog!


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