Don't Stand in Your Own Sunshine

Good morning, y'all. :)

I've had a really busy morning, which is why I'm so late to the game today. I don't have time to do the post that I was planning to do, but I hate to miss out on a day of blogging so I thought I would take just a few minutes to share a little piece of inspiration I came across earlier.

How amazing is this quote? It's almost scary how true it is. So often in life, we are our own worst enemies. We let our fears get in the way of our goals, and more importantly, our happiness. I propose that beginning today, we strive to:
Let go of the self-doubt
Smile just because we can
Stop taking our frustrations out on our loved ones
Be happy with ourselves...because we are awesome
I hope hump day treats you all well!
*Also, Jessica is the winner of the My Memories software giveaway! Congrats, I will be contacting you!*

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Woop I'm pumped! And I totally agree about us being our own worst enemies most of the time!

Erin LFF said...

This is SUCH a good reminder! Love this post girlfriend! :)

A Life Less Traveled said...

Such true words! I love Emerson quotes.

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