Here's to You, JK Rowling

Holy moly, it's August 1st! We are officially on the downhill slide to my birthday (I'll be 24 next month...yikes!), football season (Go 'Noles!), and the holidays. 2013, you really haven't given us time to take a breath!

Today's post is dedicated to someone who made an enormous impact on my childhood. She celebrated her birthday yesterday, and her beloved character that she thought up so many years ago celebrated his as well. Who could I possibly be talking about? The wonderful JK Rowling, and the infamous Harry Potter, of course.

Through the Harry Potter series, Rowling provided many a child with a truly unforgettable adventure, full of lovable characters, life lessons, and more imagination than seemed possible. Not only did she make a legacy for herself, she also accomplished something that not many individuals do; she touched the lives of thousands and thousands of children. She challenged the minds of those who already loved to read, and she gave the love of reading to those who didn't have it.

I received my first Harry Potter book back in the 4th grade, when I was 10-years-old. It was the book my reading teacher had chosen for the advanced class to read, and while there was some controversy over the novel at that time, she made sure that we had the chance to read it. I still have that particular book today.

Of course, it's looking quite rough. But that gives it character, don't you think? This is the epitome of a well loved book. It was read numerous times by me, and lent to friends and cousins to read. This book has received more smiles, laughs, and tears than can be counted. Today, Harry Potter is not just a set of seven books that sits on my shelf, it is a symbol of a childhood full of imagination.

Here's to you, JK Rowling. Thank you for the unforgettable adventure. Thank you for the characters that became friends. Thank you, for showing me how to dream.

Nadine Lynn said...

I do love Harry Potter! Such a great series to read.

Hima Rajana said...

Harry Potter is truly amazing, and I'd even venture to say that it has helped shape my childhood! It was definitely a well-loved series at home! We'd always read it as a family and watched all the movies together! :)

xo, Hima
Hima Hearts

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