I Want to be Tracy Turnblad

The bad blogger award goes to me today, because I had a really fun weekend that I want to share, but...I didn't take a single picture all weekend long. And we all know that without pictures, a weekend recap post just isn't the same. So, I will keep the weekend stories to a bare minimum, and then move on to blabbering aimlessly about something else. It's Monday morning. Prepping ahead is not a requirement, right?

At the end of last week, I was left not wanting to do anything that required effort. Therefore, John and I settled for a night in at his place. We had lasagna for dinner, and then watched The Fox and the Hound. I'm here to tell you all, that even at the age of 23 (almost 24), I cried during this movie! The part where the Widow Tweed takes Todd and leaves him in the forest is perhaps the saddest moment in movie history. Disney, why put us through this?  On a brighter note, Todd is just the cutest little fox ever created, and Copper's baby houndog self is just too adorable for me to handle. 

I woke up in a less than satisfactory mood on Saturday morning, which was strange. Who is in a bad mood on Saturday? Luckily, ABC Family had an amazing movie marathon going on that day. After watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, and Hairspray, I was happier. Especially after my dance party throughout "You Can't Stop the Beat." I love Hairspray. I want to be Tracy Turnblad. That evening John and I went to my friend Hannah's to celebrate her birthday, and then we had frozen yogurt with some good friends!

Sunday morning, John and I went to church service. Aftwerwards, he had to go into the hospital here in Tally because he was on call. I met some friends for lunch...a Sunday tradition pretty much. After lunch, Amber and I went over to her boyfriend's apartment complex and spent the day at his pool, because ours is always so crowded with drunk college students. It was the perfect pool day! I then spent the evening doing some writing and reading a couple of chapters of my book. Later that night Amber and I had one of our chat fests, which involves her lying in my bedroom floor and me hanging upside down off the bed and just getting stuff off of our chests. That happens pretty frequently, and we always feel much better afterwards. Having one of your best friends as a roommate definitely has its perks!

Okay, so my weekend talk wasn't exactly short and to the point. I have a really difficult time not rambling when I'm discussing things like that!

Monday has been kind to me so far. I hope you can all say the same! I'm actually looking forward to this week because I have a couple of exciting things happening. An article I wrote is getting published in a webzine tomorrow, and I'm so excited! I will be sharing the link in tomorrow's post. It's another step in my writing goals, and I'm really thankful that my work is beginning to pay off.

There will also be a GIVEAWAY happening here this week. Keep your eyes peeled on Wednesday or Thursday...it will be up on one of those days.

Keep calm, and get Monday over with.

A Life Less Traveled said...

Keep calm, and get Monday over with - love it! Congrats on getting your article published! I used to do freelance writing years ago and want to get back into it.

Erin LFF said...

Todd and Copper are my FREAKING favorite. I kid you not, for the longest time (aka before we got rid of cable) I had that movie permanently saved and queued up to the scene they meet.... it's too cute and perfect if you're ever having a bad day!! :)

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