It's a Brand New Day

Happy Sunday, friends. Yesterday I spent a good deal of the day moping around and being depressed and angry at circumstances that are not really in my power to change right now. Things are not going to be that way today. Life is too short to worry about the inevitable.

So today I will..
  • Smile through the hard stuff
  • Remember to be thankful for what I have
  • Cherish the little things
  • Thank God for every moment
  • Love the sound of my own laughter
  • Sing a happy song
  • Enjoy the feeling of the sunshine on my skin
  • Count my blessings
  • Not worry about tomorrow
I hope you all have an amazing Sunday. Enjoy the rest of your weekends!

Vicky Hunt said...

That's my girl...:) Look at the bright side! Hope you have a fantabulous day...:)


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