One Puppy & Four New Tires Later...

I was M.I.A. from all aspects of ye olde internet yesterday. No blog post, no tweets, no Facebook stalking, not even any blog reading. It was actually kind of a nice little break. Keep reading to find out why I took a leave of absence.

Immediately after work on Friday, I drove a couple of hours south to visit my family for the weekend. I haven't seen them in almost two months and I was really missing them. We didn't do anything too exciting, just enjoyed time catching up and taking full advantage of weekend relaxation. I also had a chance to have breakfast with one of my best friends from home that I haven't seen in a while.

My favorite thing that happened though...I got to meet my brother's new puppy!

Her name is Sadie (after a girl on Duck Dynasty that Dakota thinks is the most beautiful thing) and she is the cutest thing I have ever seen! She is bulldog mixed with cur (which I had never heard of until my brother explained it to me). She isn't quite old enough to be weaned from her mom yet, but Dakota was able to bring her to visit us for a couple of hours. She's such a little snuggle bug! I kind of wish I still lived at home so I would get to see her every day. I swear, snuggling with a puppy is like a form of therapy.

So, my not so favorite part of the weekend...car problems! When I got to my parent's house on Friday, my dad had pointed out that my back two tires on my car were low. I obviously hadn't noticed. He is a mechanic, so on Sunday morning he took them off to check them out, and wouldn't you know that they actually weren't even safe to drive on anymore. Joy to the world. Tires are expensive.

We ran around all day Sunday looking for open places to buy tires, and finally bought two at Walmart. My dad gets them home to balance them along with my other two old tires, and wouldn't you know that those two are actually shot as well. Therefore, we drove all the way back to Walmart to return the two we had just bought, and ordered FOUR from my dad's friend that owns a tire shop so they would all match. The downside was they wouldn't be in until the next day. It didn't make much sense for me to borrow a car to drive two and a half hours to work, and then two and a half hours back to swap cars, so I just emailed my boss and told her I wouldn't be in. Thank goodness they came in right on time, and my car no longer looks like this.

I viewed yesterday as kind of a personal day, so I just avoided technology. I spent the day reading, doing some cleaning for my mom, and visiting with my grandparents. I drove back to Tallahassee last night, and I'm back to work today just like any other normal week.

Even though I'm a day late, I hope you all had a great weekend! More importantly, I hope your weeks are off to a fantastic start. :)

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

When I saw the title of your post I thought you got a puppy and I was so excited! lol but wow that puppy is adorable! Sorry you had to get 4 new tires, that sucks! But at least you got a day off out of it :-)

Erin LFF said...

SUCH a cute puppy!! Car stuff sucks, especially new tires- they aren't cheap! But I'm glad you got to enjoy the rest of the day and just relax and have some time to enjoy family too! Happy Tuesday :)

A Life Less Traveled said...

Getting new tires is always a money drain. At least you got a personal day out of it.

Laura Darling said...

That puppy is precious! Makes me want to go to the pet store right now! :) And buying new tires is awful. They are SO expensive! But at least you know now you won't need to buy them again for a long time!

Charlotte Hayes said...

That puppy is so cute OH MY GOODNESS!

<3, Charlotte

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