Shark Bait, Hoo Ha Ha

The title of this post was my lame attempt at a witty title. (Finding Nemo, anyone?) Moving on though...

This weekend was full of mucho amounts of fun times. As I mentioned on Friday, it was my roommate Amber's birthday, so a group of us took a trip out of town for the weekend to celebrate. She had no idea where we were going, we just made her pack a bag and loaded her up in the car. After about four and a half hours of driving on I-10 and I-75, we arrived at our destination...the Tampa area, which is where she is originally from.

Friday evening we checked into our hotel, got ready, and headed out for a nice dinner at a restaurant called Cooper's Hawk. She was surprised when her grandparents and a couple of friends from high school showed up to have dinner with us...all carefully planned by her boyfriend. After dinner it was pretty late so we all headed back to the hotel, sat around talking for a while (because the pool was closed already...boo!), and then went to sleep.

Saturday morning we got up fairly early, checked out of the hotel, and drove over to Amber's parent's house in the St. Pete area. We had lunch, and had originally planned to take the boat out for the day, but the weather was questionable so we made other plans. We decided to go to the Florida Aquarium, and ended up having a blast!

Mr. Shark smiling for the camera/The best way to keep people's fingers out of the water/Tiny little seahorses/Scary lobsters of some kind

The jellyfish tank was really cool. They changed color everytime the lights in the aquarium did!
Amber found her soulmate.
Upon leaving the aquarium we located beverages because we were all ridiculously thirsty...and maybe a little loopy from the heat because the car ride from the aquarium back to Amber's house was full of some crazy joking and laughter. You gotta love the development of new inside jokes. Back in St. Pete, we did a little shopping and then got ready to head out to dinner at an island grill called Rumba's.
Heading to dinner! And promoting seat belt safety...at a red light of course.
After dinner we made an impromptu decision to go see Grown Ups 2 at the movie theater. The first Grown Ups is pretty much Amber's favorite movie, ha ha. The second one was so overly goofy that it was a bit of a let down. We still managed to laugh at it though!
Sunday morning we got up and went to church service, had some lunch, and then got on the road back to Tallahassee. We were all kind of grumpy by the time we got back because we were so tired, but I think that's just a sign of a weekend well spent.
Oh, I almost forgot, what would a mandatory weekend post be without a couple of food pictures?
Caprese panini from Cooper's Hawk/Island style quesadilla from Rumba's
And that was all she wrote for the weekend of August 16-18! I hope you all have a great Monday. I have to leave work early this afternoon for a doctor's appointment that I'm really nervous about. Can't wait to get it over with!

Erin LFF said...

So glad you had a good weekend! I love going to our local aquarium! That sign is too funny, too-- hopefully people think twice about putting their hands in the water ;)

Hope the dr's appointment goes well today!!

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

That aquarium looks awesome!! And good luck at your appt!!

Sam said...

My old roommate and I went to the Florida Aquarium last weekend because she just moved to that area and we loved it!

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