Yesterday you guys had to endure the pity party that I was throwing myself. To those of you that left me little words of encouragement...thank you! Support and new friendships are a couple of the reasons that I love the blogging community.

To counteract yesterday's negativity, I thought today would be the perfect time to reflect on a few blessings. Even the worst of weeks have some good times thrown in, and that is how life keeps you on your toes!

A few weeks ago I talked about my little side business that I started. Last week my roommate's boss asked me to write on all of the chalkboards for her step-daughter's wedding, and of course I said yes! The perfectionist in me redid them all about five times before I realized that writing is never going to be perfectly straight on a chalkboard, and it's not supposed to be. After I came to terms with that, I thought they turned out pretty great, and my client loved them too! She tagged me in this picture of one of the boards "in action" at the wedding. How beautiful was the location? Michelle, since I know you sometimes read my blog, I will say a big thank you for choosing me to do that for you!

Since I have had a stressful week at work, I took advantage of my free time last night and had some "winding down" time. I lit my favorite candle from World Market (Mediterranean Sea, I believe is the scent), turned out all of the lights, and laid in bed watching Pretty Woman. Pretty Woman is really one of the best movies of all time. Richard Gere was so attractive, and Julia Roberts seriously has my dream hair!

When I left for work this morning the moon was still in the sky. Isn't there just something a little mystic about seeing the moon in the daytime? It just seems ironically beautiful. Looking at the sky is like a free form of therapy or stress relief. There is that Switchfoot song that says, "When I look at the stars I feel like myself." I have to agree. Having a long stare at the moon, or the stars, or the clouds, (not the sun because you will go blind, ha ha) makes you realize how amazing life can be.

Keep smiling, and have a great weekend!

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

I love the chalkboard writing! And the Harry Potter books next to your candle ;-)

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

Great shot of the moon in the morning sky!

Bekah Walsh said...

what a fun job! the board is adorable!

A Life Less Traveled said...

Love that picture at the end!

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