Crying Over Spilled Coca Cola

I really, really dislike being a "negative blogger," but what good is a space that you can only share happy thoughts on? This blog wouldn't be an honest portrayal of my life if I didn't get a little whiney sometimes, right? So, just bear with me...

This week has been crazy busy.

My job keeps me on my toes on any typical day, but this week I have had so much extra work stuff going on in addition to my usual tasks that I am just void of energy. Every day this week I have had trainings or meetings. It has all went well so far, but by the time I woke up this morning my brain was just gone.

When my alarm went off I could practically feel the black cloud over my head. I hit snooze a million times because I couldn't drag myself out of bed. I threw about five outfits across the room, yelling because I wasn't happy with any of them. (I seriously need new work clothes.) I left the house feeling like a train wreck. Traffic was the epitome of torture. When 8:00 (the time I'm supposed to be at the office) rolled around I was still stuck at a redlight halfway across town. More than one car cut me off and almost killed me.

I finally arrived at work, sat in my office for about an hour and then headed out to attend my SEVEN HOUR Microsoft Access training. I don't care how smart you are...that software is confusing! On top of that, I had one of the only computers in the classroom that wanted to act up and everyone else was getting frustrated each time I had to ask for help.

When I left for lunch I was practically braindead. I decided to go to Chick Fil A, because it cures all bad moods, right? I sat by myself and ate lunch, and was feeling a lot better until I stood up and spilled my large Coke all over my shoes and the floor. Everyone was giving me these grumpy looks, and I ran to grab a big pile of papertowels.

At this point I was teary-eyed, not because of the spilled drink, but because my hormones are obviously out of whack today. The sweet little older man that always attends the dining area at Chick Fil A smiled at me and told me not to worry about it, that he had it. I tried to argue and help him and he was like, "Really dear, I have this special stuff to clean it up. It's no problem at all," with his cute little smile. He then took the paper towels from me and offered to get me a new drink. Thank you, little guy at Chick Fil A. You were my favorite part of the day, and you're a sweetheart.

 After that whole scenario I made a beeline for the door because I could just feel a good cry coming on, and I felt ridiculous. And, that's what I did once I got in my car. I cried all the way back to the office, and I felt plain silly the entire time because honestly, nothing of terrible consequence has happened today. Maybe that's what happens when you internalize everything like I do. You just eventually freak out over spilled milk. Or in my case, Coke.

The rest of my afternoon was better. When I got back from my training I had an appointment to accept for my one-year evaluation with my boss. It's tomorrow, and I'm a little nervous but I know it will be positive. As for the rest of the day, I'm thinking I need a nap. Tomorrow is Friday, and I can't go around walking on egg shells and acting like a crazy person on the best day of the week.

Hope today has treated you well!

Bekah Walsh said...

Chick Fil A is definitely a good place for a bad thing to happen - can't beat their customer service. And I've so had those days. Dropping something is almost always what ends up setting me off into tears and then I just look insane. Oh well, what can we do? Hope tomorrow looks better for you!

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Aww I'm sorry you had such a crappy day! what a nice guy at chik fil a! And sometimes it feels good to just have a good cry.

Cori @ Everyday Enchanted said...

I completely understand! I have those days too. At least tomorrow is Friday. Hope you have a great review which I'm sure you will!

Alexipanda said...

It's almost the weekend and hopefully then you can breathe! Thank goodness for that little old man!

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

Chic fil A makes everything better, I love that place!

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