Crafting is Stressful

It's barely 9 AM on Monday morning, and I'm already restless. I can't sit still, I want out of this office building, and the closed-toed heels on my feet are making me feel claustrophobic. I just want freedom, wide open spaces, and sandals. If these aren't signs that today is going to be a long day, I don't know what is.

My weekend was great, as usual. Saturdays and Sundays are the lights of my life. This particular weekend looked something like this:

9 AM to 1:30 PM - Work day/cooking prep at church
2:30 PM to 6 PM - Pinterest party
7 PM to Midnight - Hang out and movie time (Xanadu...it's an 80's movie...watch it!) with John, and our friends Jared and Elena

10 AM to 12 PM - Bible study/church
1 PM to 2 PM - Bridal expo with Elena...her and Jared are recently engaged!
2:30 PM to 4 PM - Hang out time
4 PM to 8 PM - Set up/vision meeting at church
8:30 PM - CRASH...early bedtime (no joke)

So let's move on to what I really want to talk about today...the Pinterest party that I mentioned above. I mentioned this briefly in Friday's post, and several of you commented on it. A Pinterest party is basically a party (duh) in which you eat food and make crafts that are found on/inspired by Pinterest. My new friend Erin, who also happens to be the wife of the pastor at church, is becoming great at throwing these shindigs. She had one for high school age girls a few weeks ago, and then one for the college/young adult girls, which is the one I attended Saturday.

Pinterest parties are really a precious idea. They are the perfect opportunity for food, fun, and lots of talking. The craft for Saturday was "DIY painted canvases." I was pretty pumped about this...especially when we showed up and some of the girls already had some adorable creations in progress. However, when I sat down to start on mine, I remembered why I never attempt to craft anything...


All of you people who claim that it's "relaxing," can you please explain this to me? I remember being in Girl Scouts and freaking out over making dream catchers because I just can't do it. And you know what? I'm really confused as to how I missed out on this crafting gene, because my mom and both of my grandmothers are very crafty individuals. I mean, they can pretty much tie perfect bows and hot glue things with their hands tied behind their backs using nothing but their teeth.

Moving on, when I sat down to work on my canvas, my hands started sweating and I'm pretty sure that my blood pressure went up. It became very difficult to talk and paint at the same time, so I just stopped talking. I finished my canvas, and hated it. So, I painted over it and attempted something new. You know what? It wasn't any better. But, just because I know that some of you will ask to see it, I'm going to share what I made. Because, I'm okay with admitting that it's just not my area of expertise.

There you have it, folks. Proof that my creativity does not lie in the form of painting skills, but rather other areas of artistic ability...such as writing or singing. I plan to hang this baby in a corner of my room in which it will be seen just enough to remind me to stick to what I'm actually capable of.

Crafty people, I commend you. You go on and paint your canvases and use your sewing machines. I however, will be keeping Hobby Lobby in business. NOT through the purchasing of crafting supplies, but through the purchasing of crafts that someone has already made for me.

On a scale of one to ten, where does your level of "craftiness" fall?

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Haha yea I try to be crafty but my projects don't always turn out like Pinterest expects, love the party idea tho!

Brittanylea02 said...

Oh hun, I wasn't crafty for a long time but maybe you haven't found your craft! I started off with scrapbooking then worked my way into other crafts so there is still hope for you :) Keep trying! Maybe try a yarn wreath super easy!

Sarah said...

crafting is so stressful & i have always said that. I really like doing it though, but i am wreck the whole time.

I think it looks good btw, better than i could do!

Hima Rajana said...

I actually really like your canvas- probably better than I could do! I find that a lot of pinterest-inspired crafts are a lot harder than they seem at first, but that just means you have to be patient.
If you want to feel like the craftiest person on the planet, try melted crayon art- it's really pretty and insanely easy at the same time.

xo, Hima
Hima Hearts

Anna Tamar said...

This looks really cool. I love the colors you used! I really need to pick up craft again. I just got busy over the years.

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