It Was My Party, But I Didn't Cry (A Birthday Recap)

It's a Monday. This Monday is just a teeny bit sadder than Mondays usually are because it is the Monday after my birthday weekend. (Wow, I said Monday four times in that sentence.) I turned 24 on Friday, and now I have to wait another entire year before the birthday fun rolls back around again. That's okay though, because this year's celebrations were more than enough to hold me over for 12 months. A couple of my birthday happenings were so exciting that I'm going to dedicate in-depth posts to them throughout the week, but today I wanted to give an overview of everything that happened during the kick-off of my 24th year.

The celebrations started off a little early this year. Since I was planning to go on a trip during my actual birthday weekend, John and I went down to visit my family and celebrate the weekend before. On that Saturday, we all went down to Cedar Key for a day of family fun. Cedar Key is an adorable little fishing town off of the Gulf of Mexico in Central Florida. It's a quaint, perfect place for a day trip. We ate lunch at a seafood restaurant called Steamer's and walked around the town. John, my cousins and I also went to the pier and took a lot of goofy pictures wearing fake mustaches that my Aunt Nancy put in my birthday gift. I just realized that all of those pictures are on my mom's camera...I will have to make it a point to steal them so I can share the silliness sometime.
John and I//Cedar Key//Crab Cake Sandwich//Riley and I
Saturday evening John told me to get ready to go out. He then proceeded to put me in the car and tell me that we were going to dinner, but then he wouldn't tell me where exactly we were going. He was extremely mysterious the entire time, and refused to answer my questions or acknowledge is my guesses were correct. Just over an hour and a half later, we found ourselves in Jacksonville at The Cheesecake Factory. Just a few weeks before I had told him that I had never been there, and he thought my birthday would be the perfect opportunity since we were at my parent's place and the drive to Jacksonville wasn't too terrible. We had a delicious dinner and took our cheesecake home with us. He also revealed my birthday present, which will get a post of it's own later in the week because it is SO EXCITING.

John and I at Cheesecake Factory.

Fast forward to Monday, back in Tallahassee. Amber (my roommate that I mention often) had been trying to put a birthday dinner together for me, but I told her that I didn't really want anything big or fancy. Taking that into account, she and Erin (another friend, and our pastor's wife) had a small dinner for me at Erin's house. There were just a few friends from church, and we had grilled burgers and hot dogs. It was laid back, and a perfect evening. Erin also made me the most beautiful birthday cake I have ever had...inspired by Phantom of the Opera which is my favorite thing in the world! Thank you Erin and Amber!

It tasted just as good as it looked!

That Friday was my actual birthday. I took the day off of work, because who wants to work on their birthday? I started it off by sharing this..."24 years old today, but I still don't feel like much has changed!"

Can you see much of a difference?

I then had a yummy breakfast with my friends Hannah and Elena, and packed for the upcoming weekend in Jacksonville with Amber and my friend Jamie. Let me tell you, the weather that day was gorgeous. Sunny, with temperatures in the high 60's/early 70's for the first half of the day. This made for a nice drive to Jacksonville, where we spent the weekend shopping and relaxing. I will also do a full post on that later in the week, along with the sharing of the coolest restaurant I have ever set foot in. Here is a sneak peek. Trust me, it deserves it's own post.

Curious yet?

I cannot describe how much my friends and family truly mean to me. They always go above and beyond to help me celebrate new years of life. I hope that they know that they mean the world to me, not only on my birthday, but every hour of every day of the year! A big thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes too. I love talking to you guys, and learning more about your lives. That is a blessing in itself, my friends. :)

I hope Monday treats you well, and I will see you tomorrow in the brand new month of October!

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Sounds like you had an awesome birthday! And wow she made that cake? So cool!

Kay said...

I want that cake!!!!! And I'm definitely ready for the next post! I'm totally curious! Happy belated Birthday!! :)

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

I'm glad you had a such a great birthday, I LOVE that cake. I wouldn't have been able to eat it because it's so pretty.

Hima Rajana said...

Happy Belated birthday! Mine was last week too! That's so sweet of John, and I can't wait to hear about your trip + his gift!

xo, Hima
Hima Hearts

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