My Neighbors Have a Lion

If you want an idea of how my Monday morning has started out, let's just say that when I set my alarm last night I accidentally set it for 6:30 PM instead of 6:30 AM. Stupid, stupid, stupid. So, when my internal alarm clock went off this morning, I thought it looked awfully light outside. That's probably because it was 7:15 AM and I was supposed to walk out the front door in 15 minutes. Life is just so mean sometimes.

This weekend was kind of strange. I stayed busy for the most part, but I still feel like a whole lot of nothing took place. I didn't get to see John very much because he was out of town for part of the weekend, and then studying a lot when he was home. Same for my friends. Therefore, I spent a lot of time in loner mode, which I think I actually kind of needed. Friday night I laid in bed and did nothing but watch TV and YouTube videos, I slept in and got some pool time on Saturday, I laid around watching movies after church on Sunday... You know, really energetic happenings.

Perhaps the most exciting part of my weekend is that the neighbors now have a lion. Not a real one of course, but I think it's actually worse than having a live one. You know how really fancy houses will have those lion status outside of their gates? Well, our lovely neighbors now have one of those statues sitting outside their front door on the porch that my roommates and I share with them. It really is just adorable. I'm hoping you just detected my sarcasm. It's the tackiest thing ever. I really want to take a picture of it, but I'm afraid they will open their front door about the time I open my camera app.

So, that was my (lame) weekend. To give you a little smile for the day I leave you with a picture of my brother's adorable puppy, Sadie, that my mom texted me. Is that not the most precious face ever?

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

I know all about loner mode, it's pretty much 9-5, M-F for me haha. And aww Sadie is so adorable! You should switch the lion statute with a statue of Sadie (or a real lion, whatever works!).

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