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Harry Potter link-up

I saw the announcement for a Harry Potter linkup floating around Twitter a couple of days ago, and my first thought was...UM, YES! Harry, Ron, Hermione and I are best friends for life, and I talk about them quite a bit around these parts, including here and here. I have been pondering what HP related topic I should write about, and it's really difficult to choose just one! So, I decided I'm going to get a little personal here and write a letter to Harry and friends.
Dear Harry,

I have no doubt that I can trust you to share this letter with Ron, Hermione, and the rest of the gang. Heck, you can even share with Malfoy. After all, the journey would not have been the same without him.

You guys made your entrance into the world of literature when I was in the 4th grade...still just a baby in so many ways! There was quite a bit of controversy over your books at this time in the world. I remember hearing teachers debate over whether or not books about wizardry were acceptable for children our age. They didn't think that us students heard these conversations, and while many may not have, I certainly did. I was a reader. I averaged 3 to 5 trips to the school library in a single week. I wanted to know more about your books, and eavesdropping was the only way for me to do that.

While the majority of the teachers in my small town thought your name would become a mark of "evil and un-Christian content," there was one teacher who disagreed and was willing to stand up for you. She fought for the young imaginations of my classmates and I. She knew we would love you. Because of her, we were given permission to dive into your first adventure with the Sorcerer's Stone in our advanced reading class. This was a beautiful beginning.

I still remember the day that this teacher passed out brand spanking new, paperback copies of your first book. Our first names were written along the side in red permanent marker. The cover art was gorgeous. The gold lettering gleamed in the fluorescent classroom lighting. The pages were still stiff and unwrinkled. The book smelled of fresh paper. Have you ever been able to tell that a book was going to change your life, just by holding it in your hand? The Sorcerer's Stone was my first experience of that.

At the end of chapter one, I knew. I knew that you and the rest of the Harry Potter crew were going to change the way I looked at books. I was no stranger to imagination at this point, but you are responsible for opening up my mind's full potential. I went from simply "seeing" events in books, to actually being involved in the events. I didn't just envision you receiving your Hogwarts letter from Hagrid, I was sitting right there beside you as you read it, reading mine. I didn't just "watch" you journey through Diagon Alley with your supply list. I walked along next to you with mine and collected all of my first year necessities as well. I was in that Hogwarts Express car with you and Ron and Hermione.

I was there with you through all seven years.

Harry, you guys are a gigantic part of the reason that I am the person that I am today. You are the reason for my positivity, for my creativity, for my love of the written word. You have saved me from viewing this great big world in black and white. You have given me the ability to realize how much life has to offer. You have shown me that magic doesn't always come in the form of wands and potions, but more importantly, in the forms of people and love.
Fifteen years later, I still smile when I hear your name or catch a glimpse of that stack of seven books on my shelf. And fifty years from now? It will still be the same. Always.
Kalyn V said...

Okay, your post definitely gave me chills... I felt the same way. I was one of "those people" at first... not wanting to read the books in fear of not being cool. But once I got a few pages in, it all went out the window and I never looked back.

Thank you for joining our link up!

Thirty Something Girl said...

Such a lovely post. I too have all seven of those books and believe me they will always be my favourite collection of books. x

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

This is so cute! I am and always have been (since like age 5) an avid reader, but when Harry Potter first came out I was not interested. Probably because my "friend" insisted on reading it out loud to me whenever I'd go over there to hang out, and it just turned me off it altogether for like a full year. But then once I could read it for myself I loved it and never missed another release :-)

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

I love your Harry Potter letter! So eloquent and right on the money.

I'm so glad someone stuck up for you so you could read these books, I think kids know the difference between what is real and what is make believe.

Oh and now I feel old, I was just out of college when I picked up my first Harry Potter book. At the time book one and two were the only one's out.

Ashten @ alwaysashten said...

What an awesome and creative post! I also got chills reading it. It's so cool to see how HP has shaped so many of our lives!

Melissa Suggitt said...

Goosebumps. That letter is perfection.

Sara Elizabeth said...

Am I tearing up at this? Absolutely! So well written and many kudos to your teacher for standing up and making sure y'all had the opportunity to read The Sorcerer's Stone!

Margaret said...

I just started rewatching the movies...but I really need to reread the book. There is just something so amazing and wonderful about all of those books; it's so easy to just get sucked in to the pages and stay for hours.

Kay said...

Awe I love this!! I may have started to tear up a little! I feel exactly the same way! The last paragraph just killed me.. So perfect! Love this, love this! And love Harry!

Monica @ The Empty Teacups said...

Goosebumps and teary eyes. This letter is phenomenal.

Vicky Hunt said...

Once again....your words have made me cry. That was so well written Randa...your girft with words amazes me. And....I have no doubt that that worn copy of HP that has been read my many, including myself, would be one of the first things you would rescue if the need ever arose.
I love you....Mama

Morgan said...

I love your letter so much! I feel the same way about Harry Potter, and props to that teacher for standing up for all of you. It makes me laugh to hear people say that Harry Potter is "the devil", these people just don't know what they're missing out on. If anything, it teaches you the power of good, not the power of evil.

Dustin Holland said...

When the Sorcerer's Stone movie first came out, that was the first I had heard of Harry Potter. I guess it was because of the people I knew at the time that were fans, but I got the impression it was something for little kids. Fast-forward to 2005, when Half-Blood Prince came out. I spent the better part of release week spoiling "Snape kills Dumbledore" for as many people as possible. I only read the one paragraph where the killing happens, and did enough internet research to understand "Avada kedavra."

For the next 8 years, I went about life believing Snape was a bad guy. I finally watched all the films,

Also, I have some serious beefs with J.K. Rowling. She ruined Tonks, one of the coolest characters in modern fiction. She takes a wild, arrogant, self-reliant shape-shifter that flies around throwing fireballs, and turns her into a brown, smock-wearing, saggy greenpeace activist that doesn't fight, shape-shift, or even change hair color? And to make matters worse, she marries her off to a boring, middle-aged, flunkie professor that looks like a Sherlock Holmes PBS special reject, and turns into a dog. Whatever, Rowling... There's a reason that marrying someone twice their age, settling down, and having children was never a part of the story for Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, Bruce Wayne, Ellen Ripley, Beatrix Kiddo, Lara Croft, etc. - it's boring, and it severely hamstrings your plot line potential. Tonks... ruined...

On top of that, she also let them ruin the ending. Harry does NOT break the Elder Wand and throw it in the river. Sorry, that's not how it goes, and was a stupid, pointless change of plot with no reasonable justification.

#AmberThrewMyPaperTowelAway #DontCallMeNymphadora

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