Edgar Allan Poe Must Have Been a Foodie

In yesterday's birthday recap, I mentioned that I was planning to write a bit more in-depth on some of the happenings. Today I'm going to share highlights from my birthday weekend in Jacksonville with Amber and Jamie, two amazingly sweet friends.

We arrived in Jacksonville around 4:00 on Friday, and sat around for a while trying to decide what to do. Our original plan was to go to dinner on the beach and then walk along the water for a while, but stormy weather was coming in and the wind was insane so we thought it would be best to hold off and watch the weather. With that decided, we ended up doing some shopping near the beaches, starting at Marshall's and then moving on to Home Goods and Ross. I found a couple of decorative items for my room, and one for John's house as well.

Afterwards, we headed off to eat some dinner. On the way to shop I had noticed an intriguing restaurant called Poe's Tavern. Jamie, being the Jacksonville native, said it was good and Amber suggested that we eat there. I was all for it because I was extremely curious about what it would hold.

It was obvious that the place was influenced by Edgar Allan Poe. I am a big Poe fan. His creepy stories were truly original in his time, and they will be remembered in the world of literature forever. Despite the restaurant being named for him, I was still surprised at how cool the atmosphere was. The inside was dimly lit and there were old-fashioned chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The walls appeared to be antique brick, and they were covered with every type of Poe memorabilia imaginable. There were posters from movies that were derived from his works, quotes from his writing, pictures of him...everything.  The place was literally a dream for every hungry literature nerd.

It didn't end there though. The burgers (the food the restaurant is known for) were all named after things in his writing. I had one called the Annabelle Lee, and Amber had a Tell Tale Heart. Each menu also had a brief biography about Poe. As strange as this sounds, the restrooms were even amazing. All of the walls were plastered with book pages of Poe's works, and there was a recording of one of his stories playing over the speaker.

The food was delicious, and even if it wasn't I would definitely be going here again just for the atmosphere. If  you're ever in the Jacksonville area and you love Poe or burgers, this is the place for you!

Excuse the random people. But this photo had to be taken.
Following dinner we decided to try to brave the wind and go on a nighttime beach walk. As you will see in the pictures below, the wind was still insane, but it was fun to run around on the beach and act like fools for a bit. It felt like we were going to blow away the entire time, but we didn't and we got some funny pictures out of it. It was a bit chilly, but the water temperature was perfect, and the stars were so beautiful that night.
Photo shoots in the wind are much more difficult than they look!
We spent Friday night watching Silver Linings Playbook, and slept in fairly late on Saturday. It was another overcast day, so we had to ditch beach plans and decided to just drive around without a plan and go wherever struck our fancy. Sometimes it's best to do it that way, and it worked out great for us. It was another day full of shopping and laughter. We also ate lunch at Angie's Subs, which is a local restaurant that one of Amber's friends suggested. It was pretty yummy. I would definitely eat there again. Saturday evening Jamie made us some macaroni and cheese for dinner and we vegged out watching our FSU Seminoles beat Boston College, followed by This is 40, which was pretty darn funny!
Had to take some pictures of us "cleaned up." ;)
I had such a great time with these two beautiful women. I'm glad that our sorority led us to each other, and that we will continue to remain friends throughout life. Jamie and Amber, thank you so much for being such positive, loving friends! I will remember this weekend forever, and I will always smile when I hear the word "capsize." This is definitely an inside joke for the books.

Come back tomorrow to hear about the magical birthday gift that John gave me, plus a couple of other special gifts.

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

That Poe restaurant sounds so cool. Have you ever seen the Gilmore Girls episode where the Poe society takes over the Inn? lol and I can't wait to hear about your present from John!

Sam said...

What a neat restaurant! It kind of reminds me of the Sherlock Holmes restaurant we went to in London.

Looks like you had an awesome birthday weekend!

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