Life Lessons with Dr. Sheldon Cooper (And Me)

Do I have any Big Bang Theory fans in the house? I absolutely LOVE this show. It is so genius. The humor is extremely smart and creative. I have never missed an episode, and I have my entire family hooked on it as well.  If you're a follower of the show, you know that Sheldon Cooper basically makes it. Everything that comes out of his mouth is hilarious, and it baffles me to think about how Jim Parsons (the actor that plays Sheldon) memorizes his lines.

Today, I have asked Sheldon to come over to Young, and In Progress to share some of the advice that has been made popular on The Big Bang Theory. He has also agreed to give me some time for commentary. (Or at least, I'm pretending he is allowing me to chime in.) Therefore, I present to you:

Life Lessons: With Sheldon and Miranda
*All Sheldon quotes are, of course, borrowed from the Big Bang Theory.
On Friendship and Social Interaction
Sheldon: "You have to check your messages. The leaving of a message is one half of a social construct, which is completed by the checking of the message. If that contract breaks down, then all social contracts break down, and we descend into anarchy."
Miranda: What I believe Dr. Cooper is trying to say is...friendship works both ways! You can't expect your BFF to be at your beck and call if you are constantly ignoring them when they have a need. Oh, and apparently the world will eventually end if friendships fail. We don't want that to happen, now do we?
On Change
Sheldon: "Change is never fine. They say it is, but it's not."
Miranda: Okay Sheldon, I think you're being a little pessimistic here. Sure, change is scary, but sometimes it's exactly what we need in our lives in order to move on to the next phase of living. Besides, change can be exciting! New things should be fun, and normally always occur in order to better something that wasn't originally working out.
On Caffeine
Sheldon: "Coffee's out of the question. When I moved to California, I promised my mother that I wouldn't start doing drugs."
Miranda: Woah...coffee isn't exactly a drug. It's actually quite useful...in moderation of course! Sometimes a little caffeine in the morning can make the difference in how your day plays out. If you tried a little hazelnut creamer in your coffee, you would understand why coffee is so popular these days!
On Dealing with Difficult People
Sheldon: "I don't say anything. I merely offer you a facial expression that suggests you've gone insane."
Miranda: Well...I guess that's one way to do it. But, sometimes it helps to actually talk to the person. To each his own, I suppose.
On Talking to Girls About Their Weight
Sheldon: "Oh, I'm sorry. Did I insult you? Is your body mass somehow tied into your self-worth?"
Miranda: You really don't understand this, huh? Ask every girl what they are most worried about on a daily basis, and over half of them will answer "weight." But, you are right about one thing. It shouldn't be tied to self-worth.
On Public Emotions
Sheldon: "One cries because one is sad. I cry because others are stupid, and that makes me sad."
Miranda: Whatever you say, Dr. Cooper. Cry your little heart out.
On Love
Sheldon: "People say you can't live without love. I think oxygen is more important."
Miranda: Well, we certainly need oxygen. But love is pretty cool too, you know? Wouldn't this tie in with the social relationships thing you mentioned earlier?
On Life's Biggest Secrets
Sheldon: "My mom smokes in the car. Jesus is okay with it, but we can't tell dad."
Miranda: Okay then...well, that is quite a secret. I'm not sure your mom would appreciate you saying that in public like this.
Sheldon: "I'm not insane. My mother had me tested."
Miranda: Okay, Sheldon. I'm thinking that's a good place to end our little chat. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
That's all of the life lessons Sheldon and I have for today, folks. However, he has asked to come around again some other time. Who knows what wealth he will have in tow then?
Happy Tuesday!

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

Great post idea!

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

This is cute, I've never watched the show but I've heard of it. I love his answer to the weight one! And the answer to the difficult people one hahaha

Nadine Lynn said...

The Big Bang Theory is my absolute favorite show!!! There is never an episode that disappoints me. It is hilarious! Sheldon is my favorite character! "This is Zazzles. I was going to name him Herm von Helmholtz but he's so zazzy!"

Meghan said...

I love Sheldon!

Sam said...

I'm a huge Big Bang fan and I managed to buy all the seasons on DVD during Black Friday for like $12 or something ridiculous so I watch the episodes all the time over and over again and never get tired of it!

I think my favorite Sheldon line was when Penny was learning to be a bartender.

Sheldon: I'll take a Cubra Libre, hold the rum.
Penny: So you'll have a coke...?
Sheldon: And make it diet.

Kelly @ [Big Apple, Little Bites] said...

I love the Big Bang Theory! I don't have cable right now so I've been missing the show a lot. I did see Jim Parsons in an off-Broadway production last year though. So that was pretty neat :-)

The Peanut Program said...

this is such an adorable post idea!! sheldon is hysterical :)

i like your down to earth answers.

p.s. i LOVE hazelnut creamer in my coffee

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