Roommate Confidential {Fall Edition}

I have read quite a few roommate related posts around the blogosphere lately. I'm sad to report, none of them have been very nice. People seem to absolutely hate their roommates! Sure, there are a million and one difficult things that come along with sharing a living space with others. However, the experience is also an opportunity to make some of the best friends you will ever have.

If you have been hanging around Young, and In Progress for any period of time, you most likely know that I have not one, but two roommates. We all met in our Christian sorority in college, and we have been living together since July of 2012. We have an absolute blast together, you guys. Having roommates is not only convenient cost wise, but it is a sure way to ensure that you will never be lacking company when it's wanted. I actually consider myself an introvert, but since I have lived with these girls, I hate to be home alone. It is so sad when they are both out of town for more than 24 hours.

After seeing the negative roommate posts, I had an idea. I want to show the positive side of roommate living. The key for us, is to just be honest, enjoy each other's company, and accept each other's differences. It's working well for us, so I thought it would be beneficial to create a little questionnaire to ask my roomies. I asked them if they would be interested in participating in this post, and they were both really excited about it! So without further ado, I present: Roommate Confidential.

Although I have briefly introduced my roommates here, I thought they deserved a little bit more of an in-depth background story. I'm so glad they're allowing me to plaster their faces all over the internet!

This is Amber, or as I like to call her, Ambird. She just graduated from FSU in May with a degree in Psychology. She decided to stick around here to work full-time while she decides what she wants to do in terms of grad school. This girl is a giant ball of fun, and she will do anything to help you out when you're in need.

This is Alyssa, or as Amber has deemed her, Turkey. I can't really remember how she got that nickname, but it just kind of stuck! Ha ha. Alyssa is a senior at FSU, majoring in Computer Science. She is super smart, and studious. The girl is going to be extremely successful. She seems quiet at first, but once you get to know her she is perfect for having hilarious conversations with.

Now, let's get into the questions that I asked them. I told them to be 100% honest, because I am typing the answers exactly as they are giving them to me. You'll see that I'm also going to chime in occasionally!

1. What has been the best thing about our roommate experience so far?
Amber: Two things: just living with people that I love. And accountability. Just like, well, we're Christians, so you guys holding me accountable to my promises to myself and to God. You know what I mean?
Alyssa: I guess for me, I guess getting to know you guys better. When we moved in together I was still getting to know you guys, so that's been fun.
Miranda: For me, I would say it's just having two good friends to come home to every day. Um, I've always wanted that "roommate" experience, and now I've been able to have it.

2. What would you say is the most difficult thing to adjust to with having roommates?
Amber: That's a really hard question. Ask me again. That's a difficult question, I love you guys. I love living with y'all, I love people.
Alyssa: Uh...when significant others or friends are over and I want to come out in my shorts and I can't because people are over. Like when I want a day to myself and I can't have one.
Miranda: Sometimes I'll come in a bad mood or a mood that I want to be alone, and I will feel guilty about going to my room or being rude to you guys.

3. Who is the most outgoing, and who is the most introverted?
Amber: Okay, well I'm the most outgoing. And the most introverted would go to Turkey.
Alyssa: First of all, I'm misunderstood. My studies take me away. But I'll take the most introverted award. Amber is an easy one, because she always has to be around people. So she's the most outgoing.
Miranda: I definitely agree with both of y'all, ha ha.

4. As far as chores go, how does our system work?
Amber: Well I think Turkey and her scenario to "working parents and child" explains everything.
Alyssa: Um, Miranda does the dishes by hand. She doesn't like the dishwasher. And Amber gets in cleaning moods on Sunday. And I do nothing. Except take out the trash. And I make the mess. I have this bad feeling that you guys are going to crazy on me one day.

5. What would you say Amber's quirkiest roommate habit(s) it?
Alyssa: Let me think. She likes to like, walk around in her bra. That's kinda weird. I actually really like this quirk because it works out really well for me, but she feels like she has to do stuff for me. She has a motherly, "I have to handle this" kind of thing going on.
Miranda: Hm...Amber is one of those people that, and I don't mean this to sound bad, but she likes things done her way. She has a system, and she sticks to it.

6. What is Alyssa's quirkiest habit(s)?
Amber: SHE WON'T USE ANYONE'S PLATES BUT HER OWN. She fills the dishes with water when she's done with them. She likes the center of the couch. She spreads all of her stuff out when she studies. The water cup, and THE PAPER TOWELS!
Miranda: I'm going to second the strewn out paper towels, ha ha. Oh, and I think it's weird that she always wears her shoes in the house.

7. What is my quirkiest habit(s)?
Amber: You fold the kitchen towel "not my way."
Alyssa: Uh...you're kinda normal. You just like to touch your hair. That's like the only thing I've noticed that you do. But you have nice hair. So it's okay that you touch it.

8. What is the most hilarious situation we have been in so far?
Amber: Well I wasn't here for it, but when you let the neighbors in my room. (Long story, folks.) And Alyssa and the time with the toilet.
Alyssa: Uh...that's tough. I have to think. Not hilarious, but interesting, was the frog situation. Not the dead one on the floor, the one in Walmart. (Alyssa is terrified of frogs.)
Miranda: Definitely the time that Alyssa told Amber she had cankles.

9. Would you say we are good about sharing, or do we prefer to keep our things separate?
Amber: You and I are great at sharing. Everything. Shampoo, conditioner, blow dryer, shoes, dairy products, toilet paper...
Alyssa: You and Amber are good about sharing. I'm working on it. I'm just used to that. But you guys are great about sharing. It's just been and adjustment.

10. One word you would use to describe Amber and why?
Alyssa: Amber is independent. Because she is younger than me, but definitely more prepared for the real world than I am, and can do a lot of things on her own. She gets things done. She's a boss.
Miranda: I would say Amber is very selfless. She is always looking out for us, and jumps my car when my battery dies.

11. One word you would use to describe Alyssa and why?
Amber: Can I think about this for a minute? Um...she's not gonna like this. Studious. Or focused. She's just very on the ball when it comes to school related assignments and she knows how to say no to fun in order to make sure that they're done. That's admirable.
Miranda: I was going to say something similar. I was going to say driven, because she's very focused on her goals and her future. And she's willing to do whatever to make good things happen.

12. One word you would use to describe Miranda and why?
Amber: Artistic. Well, because, you're very talented in the realm of writing and blogging and photography and all of that stuff.
Alyssa: Uh...I would say, uh, like..can it be two words? Nevermind. Creative. You're creative. Because you like to write and everything, and you did guard so you have that performing arts background. And you like my kind of music.

13. If the fellow roommates are home, what are they most likely spending their time doing?
Amber: Miranda, you blog or write. You're on the computer doing something with that stuff. Turkey is sitting on the couch programming and being studious.
Alyssa: Amber is either out the door going to someone's house or on the couch vegging out, or cooking. Or cleaning. You are blogging or watching TV with me when our shows are on, or awaiting my grilled cheese sandwiches.
Miranda: Alyssa is either studying, or jamming out to her mad techno music. Amber is either talking someone's ear off, or making stuff for her Etsy store. Or crafting.

14. What is something one of your roommates could do that would push you over the edge?
Amber: This isn't a fair question. Um...I don't know. Um...like crawl into my bed with their boyfriend. That's the worst thing I could imagine.
Alyssa: Uh...yeah, I guess the whole boyfriend thing. As long as everyone is respecting each other's space, we're fine. If you played a practical joke on me with a frog, I would be real pissed.

15. Overall, how would you describe our roommate experience?
Amber: Wonderfully amazing. I just love my roommates so much.
Alyssa: I think we are functionally dysfunctional. We all have our quirks, but we all work.
Miranda: Ditto. I will cherish this experience forever.

Words cannot describe how important these girls are to me. These are friendships that I am confident will be around for the remainder of my life. Moving out next year will be sad, but I'm also excited to see where life will take all of us in the future. Thanks Amber and Alyssa, for letting me drag you into my nerdy little blog world. You have to admit though, it was pretty fun wasn't it?

And to end, I will give you  a couple of more pictures from our pumpkin patch adventure yesterday evening.

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

It's so great that you and your roommates get along so well. Some of the answers were hysterical!! I only had one roommate ever, for half of freshman year of college, and she was crazy! I am doing a post on it one day soon, it was that bad!

Stephanie said...

I had 2 roommate in college (yes I realize that's different than living with someone and paying bills together, but still) and we got along extremely well! For never knowing each other beforehand it worked out great! :)

Renee said...

Cute post, lady! Roommates can be tough, but I have my best friend today because of an old roommate. And by the sounds of it, I think you have two pretty great ones yourself.

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

This post was fun! I like that each of you are so different but get along in a living situation.

Dustin Holland said...

I once had four roommates. In a four bedroom townhouse, so, five counting myself. Two of them were brothers, that shared one room. There were challenges, like fridge space, but it sort of worked. Then one of the brothers decided to move a 6th person in without telling anyone. I came home one day to someone "crashing" on our couch, and he just never left. Be thankful you have great people to live with. One bad roommate can ruin it for everyone.

After that, I lived with Duncan, until he got married. It was great. I'm going to end on a high note and live alone until I'm married.

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