The "S" Word

Happy Monday y'all! How are things going so far on this dreaded day? I hope your weeks have started out on a more pleasant note than you were expecting. I made it out of bed, got ready, and made it to work with dry hair instead of wet, so that in itself is a victory for me. Take that, Monday.

I had a great weekend. My mom came up on Friday evening and spent the weekend here in Tallahassee with me. We spent the majority of the time just hanging out, shopping as we pleased. On Saturday morning we watched like five episodes of The Nanny. No shame, no shame. You know that's an awesome show. We also hung out with John and his mom on Saturday evening, which is always great.

Moving on to what I actually planned to talk about, Thursday I received a phone call with some interesting news. I have mentioned a couple of times here on the blog that I have been experiencing some terrible stomach pain off and on over the past few months. A couple of weeks ago I went to visit a digestive disease specialist and he sent me over to have an ultrasound done on my abdomen so we could find out what is going on. Well, that phone call was delivering the result of my ultrasound...which was multiple gallstones in my gallbladder. Hip hip hooray.

So what does that mean? The dreaded "s" word is right around the corner for me. You guessed it...surgery. A very simple surgery, but still, one nonetheless. I have not had any type of surgery since I was about four years old and had tubes put in my ears, so you could say I'm a little nervous. However, I'm up for anything that will help me feel better! I'm going in on Thursday to discuss everything, and I'm going to ask them to set me up for surgery ASAP so I can get it out of the way.

Honestly, the thing I'm most worried about is getting an IV. Does that make me a big baby? Probably. But I can't help it! There are pros though...the main one being that since it's so simple I won't even have to stay overnight unless something turns out unusual. Also, I'm bound to lose about 15 pounds without even trying just from the procedure/not being able to eat after surgery/a change in my digestive system. Even better, you guys may get to experience a couple of blog posts that I write while on pain medication. That could be fun, right? I may or may not be joking about that.

Now for something WAY MORE FUN than surgery, don't forget about the What's in a Name? linkup that is coming up on Wednesday! Join Jessica, Kelli, and I to share everything about what makes your name (and therefore, you) unique! Here is the button so you can get started on your posts! You will be able to come link your posts up on either of our blogs starting Wednesday morning! Can't wait to read them!

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Kelly @ [Big Apple, Little Bites] said...

Aw good luck with the surgery. I'm glad it's one you probably don't have to stay overnight for. I hope you feel much, much better soon!

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Ugh I am so sorry you have to get surgery, that sucks! At least you'll get to watch lots of The Nanny while you're recovering!

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

Ah surgery sucks!I hope it goes smoothly and eases your pain.

Bekah Walsh said...

" I have not had any type of surgery since I was about four years old and had tubes put in my ears, so you could say I'm a little nervous."

I cracked up at that - it was true for me too up until my ear surgery last (and this) year.

But you know you will come out feeling better! yay!

Sam said...

Good luck on your surgery! Least you get to be babied while your on bed rest and can lounge around (best part of being sick!)

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