What's in a Name? {Linkup Announcement}

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet...
Just kidding. Don't worry folks, this post is not going to be about Romeo and Juliet or Shakespeare.
For my fellow literature nerds...I'm sorry. This post is not going to be about Romeo and Juliet or Shakespeare. Maybe some other time.
I come to you today with an announcement, and an exciting one at that!
Names. We all have one. Some are long, some are short. Some are original, some are traditional. Some are popular, some are rare. Some have funny stories behind them, some are passed down in a family, and some are taken from movies or celebrities.
Where am I going with this? Our names are one of the many things that make us individuals. Even if you share a very common name with a million other people, there will most likely be no one else that has the same story behind theirs as you do yours.
Think about your name. There are so many questions that could be asked about it.
How did your parents come up with it?
Are there any funny stories behind your name?
What does it mean?
Do you like your name?
What are your nicknames?
Do you consider your name to be original?
See what I mean? Your name is actually a pretty interesting subject.
That's why Jessica, Kelli and I are bringing you this fun and interesting, one time link-up. On Wednesday, October 16th, we invite you to join us and tell us everything about your name, and how it plays a part in the person that you are today.
I've heard that once you hear the story behind a person's name, it really does seem to be a reflection of them. So, get to researching! Talk to your parents, spend some time on Google, check out origins, think about old nicknames...whatever you need or want to do in order to share your unique name story!
We sure do hope to see you one week from today! If you want to get a head start on your post, you can find our button below!

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While you're here, take a second to say hi to my wonderful co-hosts:

Kelli @ She Crab Soup
Jessica @ Pleas(e) and Carrots

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Yay I can't wait! Thanks for the idea :-) Already have my post written!

Meghan said...

I love this idea!

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

Yes! We're going to have fun, thanks for including me in your great link up idea.

Noms By Sam said...

What a fun linkup!

Sunshine and Sinatra said...

Just tried to put it in a post and the code is broken, just so you know :)

Alexipanda said...

I'm definitely gonna do this because honestly it's such a coincidence I was just thinking about my name lately lmao

leelee said...

This is exciting. I love sharing my name story with those who are interested. Seriously, it comes up a lot.

Renee said...

Cute idea! Hoping I remember to do this!

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