5 Easy Steps to a Fantastical Day

Guess what? It's our favorite day of the week...Friday of course! You know how Fridays always seem just a bit easier...and they usually run smoothly and go great? If only every day of the week was like that. I was thinking though, there is no reason that every day shouldn't be like that. We have the power to make every day of the week a "Friday." It just takes a few easy tweaks.

(Also, I do know that "fantastical" is not a real word, but I do what I want! Ha ha.)

Step 1: Get out of bed...and on time!
The snooze button is a very, VERY tempting little thing. Trust me, I know from experience, just like you all do. It's almost too easy to roll over and slap it about five times before you jump out of bed like a crazy person because you are running late. If you are anything like I am, this happens at least 3 out of 5 mornings a week. I've found that my days run much smoother when I wake up with my first alarm and MAKE myself get up. This way, you have all of the time that you need to shower, shave, do your hair, pick out an outfit, eat breakfast, go for a run...whatever it is that you want and need to do in the mornings. When you have a productive morning, the rest of the day will more than likely follow in the same fashion.

Step 2: Listen to some jams.
Music is essential to life, in case you haven't heard. Think back to childhood, when you used to get so passionate about your favorite Backstreet Boys song. Times of happiness, right? Think about those times that your favorite song comes on the radio when you needed to hear it most. That's a pretty cool feeling, right? Surrounding yourself throughout the day with tunes that you love will put you in a great place emotionally. Sing in the shower. Rock out on the way to work. Turn on your favorite station in your office. I promise...your day will seem ten million times better when you have a constant stream of music flowing.

Step 3: Interact with people.
We all come into contact with others at some point during our day, whether it be with people at the office or students that you teach or even fellow bloggers. People are often the cause of the negative feelings that we experience during the day, however, they can also be the cause of some of our best laughs. It's important to talk with others. Joke with them. Get to know them. Laugh with them. Positive human interaction leaves us feeling fulfilled, because we are social beings. Life is so much easier when we embrace our relationships instead of avoiding them because we are in a bad mood.

Step 4: Create a mantra for the day.
If you know you have a particularly trying day ahead of you, adopt some type of positive phrase to live by for the day or the week. Something as simple even as "I am capable of anything," or "Nothing will bring me down," can make you feel much better about yourself if you recite it in your mind enough times. It's really easy to make ourselves believe all of the negative things that exist within us. Why shouldn't it be equally as easy to realize that our positive aspects are more than true as well?

Step 5: Focus on the positives.
Instead of zoning in on the negative occurrences of your day, pay more attention to positive things that happen...even little positive things. Make note of them, and appreciate how they influence the larger picture. It is always said that the "little things in life" make the most difference...why not put that theory to the test? At the end of the day, write down something really good that happened to you. Document it, and reflect on it. Then, realize that the next day will have something just as equally positive to offer. When you document these things, you will see how they add up, and having that visual representation will make it easier to be positive in the future.

What are some of the things you do in order to have a better day? There are so many ways to make this happen! I hope you all have a great Friday, and an amazing weekend!

Renee said...

I really need to listen to these steps better, particularly #1. Just this morning I slept in which resulted in me being late for work and now I'm feeling all crappy!

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Good tips! I saw someone driving out of the gym parking lot at 6:30am today and I was like wow, I wish I could do that (but there is just no way! haha)

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

Great tips!

I never ever use my snooze button, most of the time I'm awake before my alarm goes off. I have this irrational fear of oversleeping.

Stephanie said...

I always try to focus on the positive. And music is ALWAYS good. :)

Rachael @ Pretty in Pink said...

Great post- you're so right. And Fridays always seem to go so much easier!!

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