November Thus Far: Betrayal, Old Friends, My 'Noles, & NaNoWriMo

Wow. 2013 will be over in less than two short months. I'm trying to let that fact sink in a little. It doesn't seem possible! I feel like I was just ringing in the new year with friends. The holiday season is already in full swing. I went to Michael's craft store with my mom on Saturday, and Christmas had already taken over. I don't know how I feel about this. Don't get me wrong...I absolutely love the holiday season, especially Christmas! However, I have this crazy fear of beginning the celebration of Christmas too early. I guess I just feel that it's such a special time, I want to really, really enjoy it within a certain time span. Maybe I'm afraid that celebrating too early will make me enjoy it less...even though I highly doubt that is possible.

I'm rambling. I ramble on Mondays. I can't help it! Actually, if I'm being honest here, it isn't even Monday! I write my posts the night before they go up, so it's really Sunday night. Yep, I just revealed my secret. Although, many bloggers do this, so it's probably not surprising, ha ha. I'm sitting in bed watching Betrayal. I really, really like this show. I normally don't get into these "dramatic, cheat on your husband with his arch enemy" type shows, but this one is a little different. The characters are actually likeable, and the story-line isn't overdone. If you're looking for a good drama to watch, I recommend Betrayal.

In other news, my Friday evening was amazing because I got to catch up with two of my best friends from high school.

Taylor (on the left), only lives a couple of hours from me, but I still don't see her more than once every three months or so. Sherriah (on the right), got married and moved to Ohio after high school and I have only seen her three times since then! Of course there is texting and email and Facebook and such, but even with all of that it's difficult to keep in touch. Our lives are busy, you know? However, the beautiful thing is, we are still the best of friends when we are able to get together. It takes no time to get caught up, and the laughter always flows freely. Even though we are growing and changing as individuals, our friendship isn't affected. That is the most beautiful thing about true friendship. It transcends obstacles.

My Seminoles kicked some butt again on Saturday night! We played Miami, who is (was, ha ha) also ranked in the top 10, and we crushed them 41-14. The game started off a little shaky, and then Miami wanted to play dirty, but we still prevailed. Thank goodness! We have officially moved back to #2 in the BCS standings. Unfortunately, we may not stay there long because the rest of our schedule is full of easy wins. But...with any luck, we will be on the way to the national championships this year! I'm so proud to be an FSU alum, and so excited to see the 'Noles finally having the wonderful season that they deserve.

Okay, last topic for this rambly post...November is the also known as NaNoWriMo. Or, in full terms, National Novel Writing Month. Basically, NaNoWriMo is a challenge to write a full, complete novel in one month. I learned of this a couple of years ago, and I have always wanted to try it. I have two books that I work on when I have the time, and I can only dream that they will become something one day. Part of me wants to accept the challenge of NaNoWriMo to see what I'm truly capable of. I know I could do it, and the want is there. But I'm also skeptical because I have a full schedule between working full time, blogging, other writing, and other things I'm involved in. Are any of you participating in NaNoWriMo? Should I toughen up and accept the challenge? I really need some encouragement!

I'm off to get this week started out right. I hope you all have a great Monday, and I will see you tomorrow!

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Looks like you had an awesome weekend! I have the same fear of celebrating too early.. my rule of thumb is always waiting til after Thanksgiving to decorate, though I will do my shopping in advance of that.

Love love love Betrayal, and OMG I cannot wait for next weeks episode!!

Good luck with the book writing, if anyone can do it I know you can!

Stephanie said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Good luck with your writing. :)

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

I wish I could say I have two books I work on when I have time.

Instead I say someday I'll start a book when I get organized.

Looks like you had a great weekiend!

The Peanut Program said...

Good luck with the writing!! I hate to say the word "can't" but I know for sure that would never be something I'd be able to accomplish!!! I hope you can! :)

my friend has raved about betrayal- i really should give it a shot!

Christine said...

I saw a comment you left on a NaNoWriMo related post from a blog I follow, so I decided to check yours out because I'm also doing NaNo this month. If you decide to go for it, good luck! It's my first time doing it and it's been so much fun so far!


Rachael @ Pretty in Pink said...

I think next year I want to try NaNoWriMo! It seems awesome! Good luck, I know you will do great!

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