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I tend to stray from the traditional weekend recaps, just because I normally have something else scheduled to post on Monday. However, this past weekend was full of great things, so I'm making an exception and sharing today. I also have some questions to answer in the second half of this post, so things are going to be a bit random. Sometimes though, randomness just seems appropriate. :)

Friday evening, I went to Downtown Getdown here in Tallahassee. This is an event that happens every Friday night before a home FSU game. The streets of downtown are full of food and drink vendors, and there are three stages set up for live bands and dance teams and such to perform on. It's pretty fun! I went with some friends from church, and we also ended up eating dinner at one of the restaurants downtown. Afterwards, Amber and I went to a friends house to hang out for a while, and then I came home and crashed fairly early.

Saturday morning, I had breakfast with my parents. They were here in town for a couple of hours to pick up some hardwood flooring for some of the rooms they're redoing in their house. We ate at The Village Inn, and visited for a couple of hours. After they left, I went to Target to pick up some stuff I've been needing, then I headed across town to John's house. From there, we left to head to Doak Campbell Stadium for some Florida State football.

This is my second football season of being an FSU alum, and the only game that I was able to attend this year. They played Idaho, who wasn't exactly supposed to be competition for us. I was afraid it may not be a very exciting game, but we had so much fun! First of all, any game in Doak is going to be fun. FSU has some of the most amazing traditions in the country. There aren't many things as fun as being in that stadium surrounded by 83,000 fellow Seminoles. History was also made at this game. With a score of 80 to 14, FSU broke the school record for most points scored in a game. It was pretty cool to witness that!


A couple of you may have gotten the Snapchat above, ha ha.

Sunday morning I had church as usual, followed by the church Thanksgiving lunch. Afterwards, Amber, Jamie and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather. We changed clothes, grabbed some blankets, and headed over to Lake Ella, which is a popular place in town to walk, run, or just lay in the grass and enjoy life. I brought my journal with me and got some quiet time in. However, the weather got a little chilly for us Florida girls so we actually only made it about 50 minutes before we went to seek warmer locations!

All in all, it was a great weekend. I'm not even dreading going to work tomorrow because I know Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and it's going to be a short and easy work week!

Now, to switch gears a little, the beautiful Kelly over at Big Apple, Little Bites nominated me for the Liebster award. I have actually already accepted the award once. You can see that post here. But, Kelly is a sweetheart for nominating me so I wanted to answer the questions that she asked. Make sure to head over to her blog and check her out. She has lots of awesome stuff to talk about, including all of her super fun travel adventures! Now, on to the questions:

1. What is the number one place you would like to travel?
My dream travel destination is Prague. I want to travel every inch of Europe, but Prague is at the top of the list. There is just something about the city. When I first saw pictures of it, I was so captivated. It has been at the top of my list ever since.

2. Who is your favorite band? Have you seen them live?
I can't pick just one. I would say three of my favorites are Coldplay, Switchfoot, and OneRepublic. I have seen Switchfoot more than once, but I have yet to see Coldplay or OneRepublic.

3. What is your favorite dish to cook?
My culinary skills, like many things in my life, are still in progress. I much prefer baking to cooking meals. I make some pretty mean brownies.

4. What is a beauty product you can't live without?
Definitely facial toner. It's just so refreshing, and I truly believe it makes a difference in my skin.

5. Who is your favorite fashion designer?
I don't really get too into name brands. As far as the look of the products though, I would have to go with Michael Kors. Fossil is my actual favorite brand, but I'm not sure if that counts as a designer.

6. What is your favorite workout?
I love Zumba. I also used to go to dance classes once a week. I love workouts that are fun and creative!

7. What was the last thing you splurged on?
I purchased one of Whitney's blogging tshirts, and I'm so excited about it!

8. What does your ideal date night look like?
I love traditional things like dinner and a movie, but I also love going on mini adventures and driving to new places to explore or try new restaurants. I just like to be fun and spontaneous.

9. Do you wear the same jewelry every day or do you switch it up?
For the most part, I wear the same stuff every day. However, I do have pieces that I switch out.

10. What is your favorite book or what are you currently reading?
I love most books, but the Harry Potter series still has my heart for favorite. Right now I'm actually in between books. Haven't picked up a new one from the "to read" stack yet.

11. Do you have your dream job? If not, what is your dream job?
Ha ha, definitely not! I'm working a job I never, ever imagined myself in. My dream job is to write for a living. Novels, preferably. But, any type of writing would bring happiness.

Thanks again Kelly, for nominating me! :)

I hope you all have a great Monday. It's a short week, y'all. We can do it!

Also, check out my posts from this weekend if you're interested! :)

Smile on Saturday
Guidance {Psalm 3:5-6}

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!

I also love Zumba and wear the same jewelry pretty much every day, but that's not surprising :-)

Kelly @ [Big Apple, Little Bites] said...

I want to travel to every inch of Europe too! I found your answers super interesting so thank you for answering :-) And what an exciting game to go back for! Glad you had a wonderful wknd :)

A Life Less Traveled said...

Someone else who is all about going to Prague.I'm obsessed with that city.

Loving all the Doak pictures!

Apple Green said...

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