Things We Complain About, But Still Do

Let me set the stage for you.

Today, I finally pulled myself out of bed after hitting snooze about five times. (Yeah, yeah, I know...what's new, right?) At this point I had precisely 30 minutes to get ready and walk out of the front door. I never leave the house without a shower, so I took care of that, went through the rest of the daily hygeine routine, accepted the fact that I would be going to work with wet hair, and whipped out the dreaded makeup bag. I go through that process, get to the eyeliner stage, and whip off the cap after I finally dig it out of the pile of products. Low and behold...I am greeted by the dreaded eyeliner nub, AKA "I have been telling myself for days to sharpen the pencil but I have been too lazy and now I absolutely have to do it or I'm going to slice my eyeball open."

There is just something about sharpening eyeliner pencils that really grates my nerves. I should probably invest in some of the twist up kind, but I just feel like the pencils work better! Therefore, even though I didn't really have the time, I sharpened the darn eyeliner. Then I pretended that this was why I was late, even though the real reason was probably the fact that I hit snooze five times.

Hitting snooze, and sharpening eyeliner...two things that I complain about on a weekly basis. But, you know what? I continue to do them anyway. This had me thinking...how many things do women do daily that involve copious amounts of complaining, yet simply not doing those things would be out of the question?

Makeup, in general.
Going off of my eyeliner hatred, makeup is just not something that we tend to enjoy doing at 7:00 AM. It's tedious, and really difficult to focus on when all you can think about is crawling back into bed and sleeping a few more hours. To make it even worse, it's something that you kind of have to pay attention to, unless you want to walk into public looking completely crazy. So, we complain about it, but we still do it.

Blowdrying the hair.
Honestly, using a hair dryer before 10 AM should count as a workout. It takes FOREVER, and even after you think you're finished, there is still that one wet spot on the back of your head that refuses to dry. Not to mention, during the summer, you are sweating so profusely by the end of it that you need to take another shower. It's a neverending cycle. So, we complain about it, but we still do it.

Eyebrow maintenance.
There is no painless way to keep your eyebrows in check. You basically have three options...terrible tweezing, wound inflicting waxing, or tear inducing threading. Or, you could always go for the natural look, which works for some lucky people, but just makes most look like we belong in the caveman era. It's a necessary struggle. So, we complain about it, but we still do it.

This is probably the grandfather of complaint worthy things. The time that my roommates and I spend complaining about the fact that we have to shave is normally greater than the amount of time that it actually takes to complete the task itself. Like eyebrown maintenance though, it's kind of a "need." So, we complain about it, but we still do it.

Most of us are great at putting off laundry until the last possible minute, simply because we don't want to actually put the clean clothes away. Putting the clothes in the washer and dryer? No problem. Hanging and folding the fourteen loads of clean clothes? Torture. However, your favorite jeans are always going to end up needing a washing. So, we complain about it, but we still do it.

Grocery shopping.
Pay day is awesome, right? What pay day association is not awesome though? The trip to the grocery store. Going into Publix (or Whole Foods, or Trader Joe's, or wherever), and buying two weeks of balanced meals on a budget is just stressful. But, if we don't do it, we will end up eating at Chick Fil A every day and gain about five pounds. So, we complain about it, but we still do it.

I guess the moral of the story is, we, or at least I, do a lot of useless complaining. But, hey, I honestly believe that complaining may be the motivator that we need to keep up with everything we feel we need to keep in our routine.

What are some other things we complain about, even though we have been doing for years?

Bekah @ re•solve said...

I felt the same way you do about pencils until I finally bought one of my arbonne twist-up liners. OMG. Now I only use that one. I may as well throw the others out!

The Peanut Program said...

I complain about getting gas in my car. That might not be restricted to only women, but i LOATHE it. i'd rather let it run on Empty than take it to the stupid station to get gas.... and people pump for me here in NJ! i could imagine it'd be worse if I actually had to do it myself!

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

what i want to know is, how can we build rovers that are sent to MARS to collect/analyze samples and take high res images that get ported back to EARTH but no one has built a freaking washing machine that washes AND fold your laundry?? RIDDLE ME THAT, ENGINEERS OF THE WORLD?!?

also - blow drying? ain't nobody got time fo' dat. i just braid my hair wet and off i go.

as for the eyeliner, i hate sharpening so i found NARS larger than life eyeliner that is the twisty kind and this is the BEST eyeliner ever. stays put even in a hurricane!

Vodka and Soda

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Yes to all of this! I hate regular pencil eyeliner though and always use the twist up kind!

Kelli @She Crab Soup said...

Shaving legs is the worst! Now that's it's winter I'm not ashamed to admit I only do it like twice a month. Hey look you helped me locate one more thing I love about winter! Not having to shave my legs. :)

Helene in Between said...

haha this is so true. except ive gotten so lazy about make up during the week- it's really bad. but you're right. we complain about it, but it's still gonna happen!

Stephanie said...

I don't do my eyebrows lol.
Also, I have to dry my hair...it's too thin to let it air dry. Sigh.

Nadine Lynn said...

I don't mind doing my make up at 7:00 am, I mind more what I am doing it for! Work! Haha.

Laundry. UGH! Why is it never done? I was everything and then 5 minutes later there is a shirt or a towel in the basket and then it just starts piling up again! It's just terrible!

Life of a Little Songbird said...

I am so with you on ALL of these! If I didn't look so scarey without makeup I would not wear any to work! Haha! & the whole shaving thing? So overrated!

Sam @ From East To West Coast said...

Yes yes yes yes yes! I complain about all of this on a regular basis lol! I know one of the things I always complain about is celebrity gossip and how "I'm over (insert overrated celebrity here)" but I can't stop talking about it with people.

Stephanie said...

I stopped blow drying my hair. I shower at night and let it air dry til morning. I just couldn't take it any more!

Rachael @ Pretty in Pink said...

These are all sooo true!!!

Kylea said...

I so agree with laundry... I could wash and dry all of it, but when it comes to folding, I quit! Why has no one invented a folding dohicky yet??!

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