Adorable Stuff You Cant Live Without

I typically do not post twice in one day, but I have something pretty neat that I want to share.
My roommate/one of my best friends, Amber, has recently opened an Etsy store where she is the crafter of some extremely cute stuff! At Crafty College Corner, you can find precious gifts for both men and women, personalized to the individual by name, university name, or color scheme.
What does she offer, you ask? Here are just a few examples!

These coasters are just one of many styles available. Not only can they be created in your team colors, they can also be created in other themes that you may have in mind. For my birthday last year, she made me a travel themed set, complete with maps and other vintage patterns. I use them non-stop, and I always get compliments on the ones I have in my office at work!

Monogrammed clipboards are practical, and fun! Again, you can choose your color scheme. This is one she made for me a few months ago. It is definitely one of my favorite things offered in the shop!

One of her newest items are these wreaths, full of school spirit! Most of the examples involve Florida State because that is where we both graduated from, but you can ask her about creating one for your own personal alma mater. These are a fun way to spice up your front door, and proclaim your love for your team!
Other items that can be found on the site include personalized drink/beer tubs, candles, monogrammed canvases, and hilarious hangover kits. There really is something for everyone!
You can find Crafty College Corner on Etsy and Facebook! Don't miss out on liking the Facebook page, where you can learn about special offers and even win free items! 

So, I Guess This Makes Me Weird?

Yesterday was an interesting day, for one reason and for one reason only. One of my best friends may or may not have texted me to ask for permission to date my ex that I was with for over four years. And by may or may not, I mean she definitely, 100% did ask how I would feel about that. Wanna know what I told her? I told her I would be absolutely okay with it, and I cross my heart that it wasn't even remotely a lie.

I know what you all want to say right now. I can see the looks on your faces. You're thinking...

Why is this acceptable to you? Don't you realize this goes against every possible rule of "girl code?" You're about to lose a best friend, I hope you realize that. A real friend would never put you in that position. Blah blah blah blah...

So just stop thinking that, and let me explain a little.

To begin with, I ended the relationship almost two years ago. Why does a person end a four year relationship? Well, from experience, I can tell you that sometimes it just takes a while for two people to realize that they are not meant to be together. Y'all know how it goes...when you're with someone for an extended period of time, you become comfortable with them. But does that mean you're exhilaratingly happy? No, not at all. This kind of stuff happens, ESPECIALLY when you began dating someone as a teenager. So, it's not like I'm still pining away for this lost romance or something. We have been able to accomplish much more separately than we did in the relationship.

This brings me to point number two, which is actually sort of a confession on my part. The friend in question here actually dated this guy in high school before I ever even dreamed of dating him. As dumb as this sounds, she had first dibs. I can't help but smile right now because I know that now you're thinking, Wow...what kind of friendship do these girls have, where they just date the same guys all the time? I feel it's important to point out though, that we grew up in a teeny, tiny little town, where there were not a lot of options as far as who to date goes. Trust me, it just really isn't an uncommon thing where I'm from...especially back then when "relationships" only typically lasted a few weeks.

Most importantly, the people in discussion here are two people that I care about. I want them to be happy, and if that means being with each other, who am I to get in their way? In fact, I have even had suspicions that the two of them may end up together again. Now you can choose to believe me when say this, or you can not, but overall I am happy about the situation. They are going to be happy together, and I will even go so far as to think that some of the remaining tensions from the break up will be eased because of this new relationship.

Even after my explanation, I still have a feeling that the majority of you think I'm crazy. That's okay though, because I am a firm believer that time heals all wounds. Maybe I'm just being so calm about this because everyday, I come across more reasons for why it was a positive choice to end the relationship. I'm doing things I never thought I would have the opportunity to do, I'm meeting goals and working towards dreams that for such a long time seemed distant, and God is slowly revealing the powerful plan that He has for my life.

Plus, the fact that I am in love with an outstanding, Godly, motivated, sweetheart of a man is probably another contribution to my positive attitude towards the whole situation. ;)


Rejection and Waiting (Genesis 12)

A little over a week ago I posted about an upcoming job interview for a teaching position. Well...I didn't get the job. I was really depressed about it all evening after I got the call, but not necessarily because I was dying for this position. I know, that makes no sense at all. Why would I interview for something that I don't really want?

Here's the deal...all throughout college, I had complete intentions of being a teacher. That's what I had decided on, simply because it was something that seemed obtainable for me. It wasn't until I graduated late, and had to take a job completely outside of what I had planned that I began to think about what I really want out of a life, and a career. And you know what? Teaching was no longer in that plan.

While working a job that I'm not particularly fond of, I have really been able to identify my true passions. What are they? Writing. Creativity. Reading. Helping people. There are a few others, but those have been the constants in my life. For a long time, people have been telling me that making a living off of writing is a ridiculous idea, and it will never happen. Well, I have decided otherwise. I know what I'm capable of, and I know what I want to work towards.

So for the past few months, that has been my focus. I am slowly but surely taking baby steps, and things are happening. Outside of my day job, I have been freelancing, working on my novels, and blogging. And you know what? Not only have I been loving it...but I have also been able to see that writing for a living really is possible. I can see a glimpse of that being my primary source of support in the future.

When I came across the advertisement for that teaching job, I decided to go ahead an apply because I have been so focused on getting out of my current job. I tried to prepare and get myself into that mindset. I was really excited about potentially obtaining the job, but not really because it was my dream job or anything. I'm not going to lie, I kind of bombed the interview. It didn't go over well at all. Therefore, when they chose somebody else, it was completely understandable.

So I had my cry, and got over it fairly quickly. It was easy for a few reasons. First of all, I would have been taking a pay cut for this job, which I just seriously cannot afford. Secondly, if I was a teacher all of my writing time would be taken over by lesson planning and paper grading. Thanks, but no thanks. Lastly, I would just overall not have the time to work towards the place that I feel God is calling me to. Am I giving up 100% on the idea of teaching? Not entirely. However, I just have to accept that it's not a priority for me anymore. At least not at this point in time.

The reason that the rejection did upset me though, is it was just a reminder of how I just feel stuck in my current day job. It stresses me out, it's not my type of work, and I get a little panicky when I think about how I could be stuck there for a long period of time. In this day and time, when you find a job that provides you with decent income and benefits...you take it because they are few and far between. Waiting for a sign of what to do next is a really difficult thing.

God always has a way of showing his presence though. When I was in Marianna with John this past weekend, we visited a church and the pastor's message was about seasons of waiting, and how people choose to react. He used the example of Abram and Sarai in Genesis 12...how they waited patiently for Sarai to be blessed with a child and it just wasn't happening. Sarai grew impatient and assumed that God was not keeping his promise of blessing them with a family, so she took things into her own hands by telling Abram to conceive a child with her slave, Hagar. The situation ended up causing tension and anger among everyone involved, all because Sarai was impatient.

The sermon really hit home with me. I get so highly impatient when I feel like things aren't happening quickly enough. During this season of waiting, I need to focus on trusting that God will provide when the time is right, as opposed to taking it upon myself to jump at every little opportunity. That doesn't mean that I should simply sit back and wait for the answer to fall in my lap, but rather that I should cherish rejection as it comes and view it as one step closer to where I'm truly meant to be.

I hope this helps some of you who may be going through the same situation. Also, I've never openly said this, but I would be more than happy to discuss anything faith related with anyone who may need some encouragement. You can always email me at youngprogress0812@gmail.com!


May Monday Be Ever in Your Favor

This weekend began on a pretty low note. Around 1:30 AM on Friday morning, I was woken up by some of the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. It was radiating all around my body, from my stomach right under my rib cage around to my middle back. I had no idea what the deal was, so I just curled up in the fetal position for a while, and got in and out of the hot shower a few times before I finally decided to call my mom. She wasn't sure, and I didn't want to go to the hospital and it turn out to be something ridiculous, so around 3:00 AM I decided to call John.

 In true med student fashion he calmed me down and asked me all of my symptoms, then told me to try to relax and monitor the pain. Around 4:30 I was able to fall asleep for an hour or so. When I woke up I wasn't in pain, but I was sore and exhausted so I called into work to tell my boss I wouldn't be in. After talking to John and my aunt who is a nurse, I'm almost 100% positive that it was something to do with my gallbladder. I'm making a doctor appointment, staying away from any foods that may trigger another attack, and praying that one doesn't happen before I find out what is going on.

Anyway, the weekend went on. I was scheduled to spend the weekend with John at his place, which is about an hour away. He was on call with the pediatrician he is shadowing and couldn't make it back to Tallahassee. Friday evening I was feeling better and drove over, and the rest of the weekend went a little something like this.

*Made it to John's and went to Winn-Dixie to get a few groceries for the weekend
*Heated up some Stouffer's manicotti for dinner, then satisfied John's sweet tooth with brownies for dessert
*Spent the evening watching TV, mainly Seinfeld

*John had to go to the hospital to work for a couple of hours, so we woke up fairly early
*Made cinnamon roles for breakfast (John was concerned they wouldn't be big enough, so I bought two packs. I'm pretty sure they were big enough, ha ha.)

*John left, so I straightened up the house, showered, and got ready for the day
*Watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and then found a Harry Potter marathon on TV. My reaction:

*John arrived home, and we went to see The Wolverine...it was better than I thought it was going to be!
*Had dinner, and made a quick trip to Walmart.
*Watched Van Helsing, and other random TV.

*Woke up not feeling well...stupid allergies.
*Ate breakfast, and then John left for the hospital again
*Watched She's the Man on TV, showered, and got ready.
*John picked me up, and we went to a local church for service.
*Cleaned the house, and headed back Tallahassee with John in tow, since he's working at the hospital here in town for the next two weeks. (Yay!)
*Had an early dinner with my good friend Elena. We discussed an exciting project that we are launching in just a few short weeks...so excited!

I'm so thankful that I was able to spend a relaxing weekend with this guy. I hope he knows how much he truly means to me!

May Monday be ever in your favor.


Life in Outfits

Fashion posts are not something that make an appearance around here too often. In fact, the guest post that the lovely Brittany did for me a couple of weeks ago is the only fashion post that has ever popped up. There are a couple of reasons for that. Number one, clothes just aren't one of my main interests in life. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy shopping and picking out a good outfit, but not to the point that I will blog about it. And two, I am extremely casual, so anything I post about fashion can't be too interesting. Also, I'm not sure how to perfectly piece stuff together. Today though, I felt like stepping out of my comfort zone. With the help of Polyvore (and a little boredom), I created outfits that you may catch me wearing on five different occasions. I only wish that I had these exact pieces in my closet!

1. Date Night/Girl's Night Some ladies prefer to go all out for nights on the town, but I believe that a good pair of jeans and a basic tshirt can go a long way.

Casual with a Pop of Color

2. Game Day We all know football can get a little crazy in the south, leading many young women refusing to show up without perfect hair, makeup and outfit galore. I for one, prefer to keep it simple in the heat of a football stadium.

Casual Game Day

3. Working All Day Long Sadly, tshirts and flip flops aren't allowed in the office. That's okay though, because it's always fun to put together outfits that are both quick and easy, and professional.


Work by mirandamaehunt featuring a sleeve shirt
4. Errands/Shopping When running around town, it's always best to keep things low-key and comfortable. Honestly, I would choose this outfit every day if I could.

5. Special Occasions/Social Events A classic dress can go a long way. This dress is very similar to one that I actually own. I just wish I had more opportunities to wear it!


Whew, that's about all of the "fashion" blogging I can take, folks. I'm linking up my five looks for 5 on Friday!

Have a great weekend!


Why Job Interviews are Terrifying

As I have mentioned a couple of times over the past week or so, I had an interview yesterday for a teaching position. This is the first interview I have had since the one for my current job. Let me tell you a little something about myself...I am TERRIFIED of interviews. I know that nobody necessarily enjoys them, but I literally dread them until they are over with. I refuse to believe that I'm the only one that feels that way.

Sure, it's a joyous moment when you're offered one. You hang up the phone and jump up and down for a few minutes before the fear actually hits you. Then you want to curl up in the fetal position when you think about all of the questions they could potentially ask you. All you envision is yourself sitting there with wide eyes and a blank face, unable to give a satisfactory answer.

So after yesterday's mediocre interview, I did a little thinking...trying to figure out what the factors of interview intimidation really are. It seems that a few mildly unpleasant factors add up to one gigantic fear. Let's break them down...

1. Whose bright idea was business casual clothing?
Dress slacks, button up shirts, pencil skirts, blazers, heels...all of those things look extremely classy and professional. Obviously...that's kind of the point. But, they are also the most uncomfortable pieces of clothing on the face of the planet. Isn't it kind of a proven point that people are more relaxed when they feel comfortable in their appearance? Why then, are we expected to wear hot, stiff clothing in an interview.

I don't know how hot the weather gets where you all live, but I live in Florida. No further description needed. When I parked at the school yesterday, I started sweating as soon as I turned my car off. By the time I toddled up the lawn and the stairs in my heels and well-though-out clothing, I was sweating bullets. Not exactly a confidence booster. I'm also pretty sure, that even though my skirt was plenty long enough, I was more focused on keeping my knees together while I was interviewing than I was on anything else. I'm not saying that sweatpants should be appropriate to wear while you're on the quest for a job, but when it's 95 degrees out, a sundress should be understandable.

2. There's no way to 100% prepare for the questions that will be asked.
Thanks to previous interviews (and Google) it is definitely possible to "study" for an interview. You can look up sample questions, find job specific topics that may come up, discover what you should bring with you, practice in front of your mirror, etc. Still, since there is no way to read your interviewers mind, it is impossible to know exactly how an interview will go.

Even if the first half of the interview goes just as you imagined, there will still most likely be that one question that comes up that you definitely were not prepared for. When that question comes out of your interviewer's mouth, it's like you forget everything you have ever learned, and you're sitting there with your eyes wide, stammering to come up with an answer that will come across at least halfway educated. This happened to me yesterday. Things went great for the first 90% of the question and answer period, then one single inquiry caught me off guard and I was an awkward person for the remainder of the time.

3. Nervousness multiplies by 100 when the job at stake is one you really want.
I have interviewed for several jobs in the past six or so years, and I have never been as stressed about the interview process as I was yesterday. I'm an extremely anxious person to begin with, so by the time I got out of that office yesterday I was a jumble of emotions. It's really difficult when an interview doesn't go as well as you were imagining, especially when it's one that you have been in preparation for.

How do you all deal with this type of stress? It's obviously something that is going to occur numerous times in life...and an early death may be the result if the stress level is through the roof each time! What are your secrets to being calm and confident?

Regardless of how I feel about the interview...it must not have been too terrible because they asked for additional references from me. I'm supposed to know by the end of the week, so we will see how it goes!

Happy Wednesday!


Just a Reading Fool

I bet y'all thought I wasn't going to show my face around these here parts today, huh? Well, I'm here! Extremely late to the game on this Monday...but I'm here.

Like many of you, I absolutely LOVE to read. There is never a time that I don't have a book in progress. If you ask me what I'm currently reading, I will definitely have a title to rattle off to you. I thought today would be a great opportunity to share some of the books that have been found in my hands over the past few weeks.

To see my ratings of these and other books I read, follow me on Goodreads. It's a book nerd's playground.

Has anyone seen the movie October Sky? This is the book that the movie was based on, and it is FABULOUS. I've read very few memoirs because I haven't come across many that I really connect with, or am entertained by. John recommended this to me and I thought, "Eh...I'll give it a try, but I probably won't enjoy it much." I absolutely loved it. Homer "Sonny"  Hickam Jr. tells his story of growing up in a West Virginia coal mining town in the 1960's. He gives a very inspiring account of his family, school, and everything else that comes along during the growing up years. This is all based around his journey to reaching his goal of building and flying rockets. In my opinion, this is a must-read.

I gave Rocket Boys 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

I won't lie, the first thing that attracted me to this book was the turquoise on the cover. When I picked it up, I was intrigued by the title so I flipped it over to read the back. Jack the Ripper was Maureen Johnson's main inspiration for this fun, paranormal mystery. She uses the findings of her research on the historic murderer, combined with her own fun characters to create a story that is pretty hard to put down! I am a huge fan of young adult fiction, and this is one of the more creative novels that I have come across. The only negative I have is that I feel like certain points were left to the imagination. I just wish a few things would have been elaborated a slight bit more.

I gave The Name of the Star 3 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

I'm sure you have all heard of Hoot...the children's book turned movie. Well, who knew that Carl Hiaasen is also the author of several pieces of adult fiction? Not I. My roommate however, loves him and encouraged me to read one of his books. I picked Star Island up at the library a couple of weeks ago, and after it sat around on my nightstand for a while I decided to suck it up and read it. If you are a fan of raunchy satire and the "humor" of Hollywood's corruptness, you may like it. I myself though, am not even going to go into the plotline. I didn't hate it...I just prefer my books to have a little bit of positivity SOMEWHERE within the pages. The only reason I rated it as high as I did was because I laughed more than I wanted to.

I gave Star Island 2 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

After the Carl Hiaasen travesty I returned to what I know best...young adult fiction. Again, the cover is what caught my eye. I bought My Life Next Door because I felt like it would be an easy-to-read, happy, rainbowy book. While it was some of those things, it also ended up being much deeper than I expected. I even cried a little. Samantha Reed falls for her next door neighbor. Sounds cliché, right? Not really the case. I will let you read this one for yourself. It was incredibly sweet. I will definitely be reading more from Huntley Fitzpatrick.

I gave My Life Next Door 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

That's all for this edition of "Just a Reading Fool." I'll be back once I have four more books on the chopping block.

Also, I have my interview for my dream teaching job tomorrow. I would really appreciate any prayers/thoughts/good vibes you guys can send my way!


Friday Makes People Crazy

It has been a very eventful week, which is a major reason that my posts have been on the boring side the past few days. I haven't written any letters in a while, so I'm going to make up for that today! There are a few people/things that I need to address.

Dear Boss,
I'm sorry that I come across as the most clueless person on the planet sometimes. I promise, I'm actually 'purdy smart. Something about making mistakes just causes me to become a deer in headlights. Plus, I'm easily intimidated. Sorry...I'm working on it.

Dear Carl Hiaasen,
A dear friend loves your books and recommended you to me. I was a little put off by the titles of some of your works..."Sick Puppy" just doesnt appeal to me for some reason. Anyway, I settled on the more promising "Star Island." I finished it in about three days, so it was obviously interesting. However, I just can't decide if your sense of humor is really my style. Satire must be your middle name.

Dear tiny office,
They're making me move out of you, into another office way down the hallway. I have to say, I'm pretty sad. We were becoming quite comfortable together, and I'm not looking forward to packing up and saying my goodbyes.

Dear friend that I angered with my honesty,
You have been ignoring me for about an hour now. I didn't say anything mean, but perhaps I didn't tell you what you wanted to hear and that's why you're mad at me. I love listening to you and giving you advice, but you are bombarding me with the same things day in and day out. It's taking a toll on not only you, but me too. Life is tough, get a helmet. I love you.

Dear laundry,
Don't worry, I'm not avoiding you. I have noticed you're piling up. I will take care of you this weekend! I'm running out of necessary clothing.

Dear Taylor Swift,
If you come on my iHeart radio station one more time, I'm going to scream. I'm never going to fall victim to your music. Sorry.

Dear job interview on Tuesday,
I could hug you. You have come around at the perfect time, and I could not be more excited. I wish you would hurry up and get here, becuase I'm ready to kick butt and get offered this job!

Dear Chick-Fil-A,
I'm still waiting around for you to offer delivery. Lunch time is right around the corner, and you're on the menu. You're just so far across town...and it makes me want to cry.

Dear Friday,
You make people do crazy things. See attachment below for proof.

Hope your weekends are fantastic!


Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (Pretty Cool News)

This is my 120th post. That doesn't even seem possible! This little fact is completely unrelated to anything I'm about to talk about, but I thought I would share anyway.

Earlier this week, after my little post-vacation rant, I decided that this was going to be the week in which things were going to change. I tossed my negative attitude out the window, I prayed, and I waited for opportunities to hit me in the face. It really is funny how things always pop up when you're sincerely trying not to worry about everything. On Tuesday, I talked about the writing contest I entered. I have been searching for something like that, so it in itself was a blessing.

Then yesterday, something equally, and potentially more amazing placed itself in my path. I applied for a job yesterday morning, and had an interview scheduled by yesterday afternoon. What? I haven't had luck like that in a very long time!

 In case you don't know or remember, my Bachelor's degree is in Social Science. My ultimate goal for my post-college life, besides being a writer, is to be a Social Studies (geography, history, government, etc.) teacher. I graduated from college in August, making it too late for me to search for jobs for that particular school year. Therefore, I have been on the hunt for a job for this next year. Nothing has really popped up, and I was beginning to get really discouraged.

So this job interview that I have (on Tuesday to be exact), is not for any old job...it's for a Social Studies teaching position at a local Christian academy! I am so excited to have the chance to interview and showcase my strengths. I have faith that this could be an absolutely perfect position for me.

The interview isn't for a few days, but I am really anxious so I have already been preparing...which can't be a bad thing. I want this job, but I'm also trying not to let myself get too overexcited in case it doesn't work out. In that case, there will always be other opportunities!


Don't Be a Scaredy Pants

Remember yesterday when I said I would have a post about my vacation up today? Well...here's the thing. I got highly distracted last night working on some other writing projects, and I didn't get to draft my post ahead of time. Being that my pictures are on my laptop at home, it's going to be delayed...again. But, that's okay! I have something I would rather talk about today anyway.

I am one of those people that has always had a really difficult time "putting myself out there." I'm an introvert at heart, and while I'm friendly, I'm often afraid of being too noticeable. This trait has held me back at many points during my life...in everything from social situations to academic and career opportunities. I guess I've always been so afraid of the fact that there is always a potential to fail at whatever you're going after. It just seems more difficult to fail in the public eye than if you have no one but yourself and those closest to you to witness when things go wrong. Does that make sense? Or am I just talking crazy here?

I have really been working on this during the past couple of years of my life, because I finally began to realize how I was missing out on so many amazing things. I have been trying really hard to bring myself out of my comfort zone, and while it may be scary at the times, it has truly paid off. I have made so many new friends...both in real life and in the blog world. I know now that there is no reason to be afraid of people. Sure, there are some rude, inconsiderate individuals out there, and you will encounter one every now and then. But for the most part, people will welcome you as long as you are willing to be yourself.

Something else I have always been afraid to share with anyone other than myself? My writing. It has been something I love to do since I was a kid. My dream is to see my name on the cover of a published book, and I have realized over the past year that that is never going to happen if I don't put my work out there for others to read and critique. So, I'm working on that. On top of the blog, I've been testing the waters of freelancing while also working on my two fiction pieces. Things are going in a positive direction, and yesterday I even did something that I've brushed off multiple times...I entered a fiction writing contest. I sent in the first 4,000 words of one of my books, and it felt really stinkin' awesome. I received this reply this morning, and it only solidified my feeling that I did something right.

Today, I am here to say...don't let your fears hold you back. Rejection and the word "no" will be heard many times during life, but avoiding those possibilities is only going to hinder you from the much sought after "YES." Don't avoid people because you're afraid they will be mean. Don't avoid travel because you are afraid of new places. Don't avoid your passions because everyone out there may not enjoy them. Don't be a scaredy pants.

Go. See. Create. Do. Enjoy life. Love yourself. Cherish your talents.


Vacation Hangover

Well, here I am...back in the real world. And you know what? It's really difficult to be sitting at work after nine days filled with traveling, fun, and the freedom to do what I wanted when I wanted to. There has been a black cloud looming over my head all day so far, and I can't seem to shake it.

I always get like this after I have to go back to all of my responsibilities after time off. It's like a vacation hangover or something. Oh how I wish I could find a job that involves travel and reading books. That's not likely...I know. I understand that the point of a vacation is to get away from the daily grind for a while, but I'm the type of person that still thinks about it the entire time. So while I had a fun time on my trip, I was also consumed with ideas of how to change my career circumstances and really do something more; something that fulfills me. I want out of this rut that I've been in for the past year.

I don't even know how I ended up having a mini rant in this post...that wasn't what I intended to do when I began composing. Tomorrow I will start sharing aspects of my road trip, and I will be in a much better mood...I promise!


More Post College Facts {Guest Post: Bekah}

Happy Friday, y'all! I have been having a blast here in Pennsylvania, and my trip is coming to an end all to quickly. Tomorrow morning I will be Florida bound and heading back to reality.

Today's guest blogger is one of those people that even though you have never met  in real life, you know they are an absolute sweetheart. Bekah and I have a lot in common, and I'm honored to have her sharing some wisdom here today. Please go tell her hello after you read her post!


Hi there! I'm Bekah and I blog over at re•solve. I only recently discovered Miranda's blog, but I love how much I can relate to her. She shares my love of reading, writing, the performing arts, and most importantly, Jesus!

What really helped me relate to her was her recent blog post, Post College Misconceptions. Miranda is a college graduate of almost a year, and has learned, like many of us, that post college life isn't what one would think.

I am almost embarrassed to admit that my three year college graduation mark passed this year and I still feel like Miranda does. A lot of times I feel discouraged, like it is too late for me to have a real career. I feel frustrated that I make the same hourly rate I made with my high school diploma. I want to scream when the rent and bills go up each year and our wages don't.

In the spirit of honesty, allow me to rip a page from Miranda's book and add my own list of harsh post-graduate lessons learned:

Your GPA isn't enough: I graduated Summa Cum Laude in the top 3% of my class. I was inducted into three honor societies and invited to a fourth which I declined. Surely that would give me an edge over the competition when seeking a career. Nope. Tons of people are working their butts off and graduating with 4.0s in hopes of the same feat. What else have you got?

all those cords for nothin'...

Your extracurriculars aren't, either: I wrote for the campus newspaper. When they launched the online version, I was named the first editor. I interned for a local magazine publisher who went on to hire me part time. I won a student leadership award from the university president, for crying out loud! Nope. None of that matches the three years of experience we're magically expected to have. Try again.

Trust nobody with your resume: On the first day of my last semester, I was in the career office having my resume reviewed. Teachers and friends had proofread it and said things looked great. The career center said as much, too. A whole semester of applications and no responses later, I started to wonder. I finally paid someone to write the thing for me. Nothing. Paid someone else. Still nothing. Recently, I saw a "career expert" in the county library and showed him my latest just to see what he would say. What did he say? "I can't believe you paid for this!" Everyone told me something different. The industry is always changing and every pro has something to say. So far nothing's worked, so who knows?


So, what's left to do? Find a job you enjoy, crappy pay and all (life's too short to be miserable), and keep on keeping on! Find ways to stay relevant (you will find that many bloggers were English or Communications majors) until your time hopefully comes!


Summer Fun and Fashions {Guest Post: Brittany}

Y'all have almost made it to Friday...keep trucking on!

Today's guest is one of my favorite bloggers to interact with because she is just so friendly! I love keeping up with Brittany on Instagram and Twitter, and her blog of course. She's also from Canada, which is pretty awesome. That's something that's pretty cool about blogging...someone like me from Florida can interact with someone in Canada on a daily basis! Enjoy her post!


Hey Everyone! I'm Brittany from a Coffee Break with Brittany and I'm guest blogging for Miranda today. I'm so happy I could do this favor for Miranda! Hope she having a lovely time away on her vacation! But, lets get on with this blog!

Today, I'm talking about summer favorites of mine! Mainly, fashions but I might throw in a couple of other things just to mix it for you gals. When I told Miranda I would be one of her guest bloggers, I starting thinking about what I wanted to blog about and I have to say I started to freak out a bit because I couldn't really think of anything! But then BAM it hit me SUMMER! Who loves summer more than me? No one! I honestly think I would born in the wrong country sometimes (Love my Canada/Nova Scotia but darn winter is a killer sometimes!). Of course I knew I couldn't just talk about how much I loved summer so why not talk about summer fashions! Summer fashions can be so cute because you can wear such fun and bright colors. I'm all about bright colors so summer just makes me happy. So, here are some of my staples and picks for summer!

Shorts: Demin, black, white, colored etc! I love me some shorts in the summer! I think there is a pair for shorts for everyone too! I know many people don't like their legs or just don't like wearing shorts but seriously go out there and look! You don't have to wear shorty shorts, just make sure you try them on to see if they are comfortable for you!

Tank tops: I don't think I have to explain this! It is hot and they are easy to throw on! Fitted, baggy, plain, graphic etc! You name the tank top I probably have it! This means you should have some too ;)

Maxi dress: So easy to throw on and out with! Also, it is so easy to dress up and dress down. You can wear it to grocery store and then throw on some different shoes and jewelry BAM you have a date outfit or just night on the town outfit! One word of advice if you're short watch the print on dress, if it is a big print it is going to drown you! Again, you gotta try everything on gals!

Sun dress: Something fun with a print would be my suggestion for a sun dress! But you could also go simple and fresh with an amazing white dress! For a sun dress I would go with a shorter length just because you can when it is summer! Have fun with sun dresses! Some of the best ones I have found at Old Navy and Forever 21 so you can have a bunch for cheap!

Sandals/Flip Flops: Having cute sandals is a must for summer, I love flip flops for the beach and around the pool but I prefer something a bit more otherwise. I don't mean you can't have fun sandals but if I can hear the smack of your flip flops a mile away, I just shake my head. I'm not judging I just hate that smack haha ;)

Swimsuit: Yup, you need one! I know it can be the worst thing to try on swimsuits but do it and find one you like and feel comfortable in! Then if you're able to feel good about yourself when you're at the beach or the pool. Also, pick up a nice cover up too! Gotta wear something for the walk to the beach/pool.

Sunglasses: I know I'm like a broken record right now but go and try a bunch of pairs and find the ones that fit your face best! If you have a small head/face and you get huge sunnies you will look like a bug and if you have a bigger head/face and get small sunnies you looks like you're wearing kiddie sunnies! There is a right pair for everyone!

Side Note! Anytime you're going to try on stuff bring a family member or friend that is going to tell you the truth! You don't need someone telling you oh you look amazing but they are thinking man, that doesn't look good on her!

These are my top picks for things to wear for summer! I'm probably forgetting something but what can you do now really since this post is written! Now for a couple of random summer must haves!

-Starbucks Via Refreshers! LOVE!
-Caribbean Escape candle from Bath and Body Works
-good book or magazines!
-After sun lotion!
-Lots of awesome friends and family to spent summer with!

Have a great Thursday everyone! And thanks to Miranda for having me on her blog!

Happy Summer Everyone!

xo Britt


A Complete Guide to Disney World {Guest Post: Jess}

Happy hump day!

I have been reading Jess' blog for a few weeks now, so I was happy when she emailed me about guest posting this week. She is also a fellow Florida girl, so when she mentioned doing a post along the lines of vacationing in Florida, I thought it would be perfect. Enjoy her post about a place that everyone loves...and make sure to go check out this awesome girl's blog!


Hi! I'm Jess and I can usually by found at my little corner of the internet world, All-American Jess. As I've spent the last *sigh* 29 years in Florida, specifically less than an hour from Disney World, I thought I would share a few tips of the trade when it comes to the land of mouse ears. Now, in the the summer, the only time I go is at night (sooooooooo crowded), but if you don't have that option, hopefully this will make the long summer days in a crowded theme park a little more bearable......

  • Set a "I am lost" plan - If you are travelling with children (walking age until early teens), write your phone number on their arm with Sharpie. Then, give them a note to keep in a safe pocket. Drill into their heads that if you get separated, they need to find a police officer or go to the nearest ice cream/popcorn stand and give their note to the worker. Drill it into their heads. Quiz them on it until they get annoyed with you. The note should read something like this.....
    • My name is ___________. I have gotten separated from my family. Their cell phone numbers are ___________________. If they don't answer, please get me to security as quickly as you can. My family will be waiting for me at the front of the park, near ______________.
    • I know this sounds like overkill, but it's extremely important. More than likely, the notes and your number on the arm will never be used, but better safe than sorry. Even if the older ones balk, they still need both. There are thousands and thousands of people in each park. Realizing you are lost in such a big crowd can cause panic for even a mature older child. The number on the arm is a back-up, in case the note gets lost or wet. Every time I am with a kid, I do this. 
  • Water - I know this sounds obvious, but you will be surprised by how quickly you can dehydrate in Florida. All that sweat? It may be you body's way of cooling you down, but it's also seeping moisture from your body. Drinks at Disney can be really expensive, so bring water bottles and just keep filling. We usually bring the individual drink mix packets, so the water itself doesn't get boring. When I'm outside, I will drink about a bottle an hour. So, just keep sipping as your standing in those long lines.
  • Ponchos - Don't wait to buy the expensive ones in the park. Get cheap ones at Walmart or Target. It *WILL* rain during the day. The only question is whether it's a long, strong storm or a typical afternoon shower. A lot of tourists let this ruin their fun and there is no need. Put the poncho on, find an indoor ride, and try to wait it out. If you really want to look like a native, skip the poncho and just get wet. It won't kill you, I promise. (Just bring an extra pair of socks or a pair of flip flops in your bag)
  • Take a nap - No, really. If you're planning to spend the entire 13 or so hours there, at some point you are going to hit a wall. A little snooze will do wonders. If you are Magic Kingdom, hit up the Hall of Presidents. EPCOT, Ellen's Energy Adventure. Hollywood Studios, Muppets 3D. Animal Kingdom, Conservation Station. They are all dark areas where you can put your head back and close your eyes for the length of the attraction.
  • FASTPASS - As soon as you get in the park, get your FPs for the following (they "sellout" quickly): Peter Pan/MK, Toy Story Mania/HS, Soarin/EP, Lion King/AK. You can go ride other rides while waiting for your time to come up. Pay attention to the times on the bottom of your FPs.... They will tell you at what time you can get another FP for a different ride.
  • Go to the Left - If a line splits and you have the option of going left or right, choose left. More often than not, it ends up being shorter. The theory is that since most people are right-handed, they automatically go right.
  • Get a Disney Line App - I use 'Magic Guide'.... It tells you the wait times for everything and will help you plan your next move.
  • Ask a native - If you know someone who is Disney-fluent, ask them for suggestions. If you don't know someone, feel free to email me! I'm always happy to answer questions or give Disney tips :)
  • Must-Eat Snacks - Dole Whip (Adventure Land at Magic Kingdom), Grapefruit Cake (Hollywood Studios.... served at Brown Derby, but you can go to Starring Rolls Bakery next door. Just ask for it and they'll go get it for you), Cake Pops (Any candy store at Disney World), Pumpkin Spice Funnel Cake (America at EPCOT).... There are certainly more, but those are my personal favorites.
  • Walk with Purpose - Nothing is more irritating (or screams TOURIST) more than someone who is standing in the middle of a walkway, holding a map. Or, walking aimlessly. Use the time in line or while finishing up your meal to figure out where you're going next and how to get there. Then, walk with confidence. Pay attention to the general area in front of you and make your way around obstacles. You'll save time and be able to do more. Again, sounds obvious, but not as practiced as people may think. When I'm with people who aren't familiar with Disney, they always comment on how quickly I zip through crowds and how much I get done. That is because I know where I'm going and I don't let a bunch of strollers get in my way. 
  • At the end of the day, walk - To your car, if you have one. I promise you will get there a lot faster than waiting for your turn on the tram. If you are at Magic Kingdom and are taking the monorail, take the Resort Monorail. It still stops at the Transportation Center and the line will be a lot shorter.
  • Smile and remember you are at The Happiest Place On Earth - Again, thousands of people, spending hard-earned money. They get hot, hungry, tired and do not want to stop because they feel like they are wasting precious time. That is usually when the ugly comes out. Just take a deep breath of Disney Oxygen and try not to let it bother you.

After all, the fireworks usually make it all worth it.......


Don't be a Statistic {Guest Post: Liz}

It's Tuesday, so it looks like you have all survived another Monday! Congrats! ;)

Today's guest is someone that I have known for the majority of my life...since the first grade to be exact. This girl and I were enemies turned best friends. It is rare for us not to talk at least once a day, even though she lives halfway across the country from me now. Please welcome Liz!


Hi everyone! I'm one of Miranda's guest bloggers while she enjoys time with her family.

I've been best friends with Randa since elementary school and our friendship has survived divorce, acne, glasses, braces, first loves and first heartbreaks, graduation and beyond. ❤

Me and Miranda back in the day.

My name's Elizabeth Vaughan, most people call me Liz. I'm twenty-three years old and I've been married to the love of my life for four years now. I love the color pink, anything glittery or animal printed. Mexican lasagna is my favorite meal and Friends is my all-time favorite show. I have a fur baby, her name is LuLu. My husband calls me Princess. I'm the only girl with five older brothers. My husband, Gamma, Momma and my best friend Miranda (yes, the owner of this blog) are my favorite people. I graduated in 2008 and sadly I haven't quite figured out what career path I want to take. Everyday I'm learning new things about myself so I'm confident soon I will find something I'm passionate about to dedicate my days towards.

I blog over at lizvaughan.blogspot.com but my posts are a bit infrequent=). Usually about my journey with TTC, being married and soon: recipes and cleaning tips =D.

This is me and my love, Will.

Quick fact: I was a teenage bride and no, I don't regret it one bit. There's ugly statistics attached to couples getting married young. But my husband and I vowed not to let numbers define us. I'm a stay at home wife. My husband serves in the US Army. Our story is a slightly crazy one. We met in May of 2008. In November, Will left for his military training. The next month, he proposed. June 12th, about three months after we turned 19, we were married. Three weeks later, I was saying good-bye to everyone and everything I have ever known to move to Ft.Bliss Texas. It was one of the hardest things I've had to do so far. 1600 miles may not seem like a lot, but it felt like we had moved to a different country. I had to adapt to married life, as well as the military life, without the close comfort of my friends and family. All I had with me was my husband and it made us strong. Fast forward three years to where I was preparing to say good-bye to Will for 10 months while he deployed. My heart broke the day I had to drive away, leaving him with his battles. Those 10 months were the longest seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks I've ever had to endure. We called, E-mailed, Skyped and wrote as often as we could. I worried about how he'd be afterwards. They say the first six months after a deployment 45% of couples split up. Combined with the odds already against us for getting married so young and I was a nervous wreck. I prayed constantly. For Will, for his battles, for the missions and for us. That we would once again prove the studies wrong. I moved back to Florida to be near my support system and I'm so glad I did. I had a lot to learn about myself during this time. I was strong. July 6,2012 Will returned home, physically safe and sound. He lost a really good friend while they were there and he struggled with that. We've dealt with a lot of obstacles so far and I know there's more curveballs to be thrown our way. But we have each other. We're still madly in love. And every single day is a day closer to changing those who use numbers against us.

Everyone reading this has a unfortunate statistic attached to them. I'm writing this to tell you these studies don't define YOU. Don't let them. Prove to yourself that you can do it. And know that even though I don't know you, I know you can break yourself from whatever chains are holding you back. ❤


Don't Worry, Be Happy {Guest Post: Halie}

Happy Monday, blog world! As you already know, I'm not around this week...I'm off gallivanting up to Pennsylvania to visit some family.

Don't worry, I'm not leaving you hanging! I have a full week of guest bloggers lined up, beginning with the amazing Halie. I was so excited when I discovered her blog. Not only is she a fellow Florida girl, but we also live in the same city. Her precious little blog has become one of my daily reads. I'm excited to have her here today!


Hey there, new friends! Y'all probably know this already, but Miranda is on a giant road trip up to Pennsylvania this week - and so I'm kicking off the week of guest posts for her today! So once again, hello there! I'm Halie and I blog at Penguins, Pasta & Polka Dots. In a nutshell, I'm a wife-to-be planning my wedding for this upcoming October. I write about my silly adventures, bike rides, food, books, movies, crafts, nail art, losing weight and getting healthy, and all sorts of other random things. It's quite fun, if I do say so myself. :)

I'm typically a very positive and upbeat kinda gal. I love having fun and laughing, and I love finding new things that make me happy. Of course it changes all the time, sometimes almost daily it feels like, but today I just want to share with you 5 quick things that are currently making me super happy!

1. Summer time. I love the sunshine and the beach and swimming and working on my tan. Seriously - it's one of my favorite things about living in Florida. I'd permanently set up my beach chair in the waves right there in the picture below, and read endless books while sipping fruity drinks, if that was an acceptable life choice.

2. Wedding planning! We're at a pretty fun part of the process, and I definitely have what a fellow blogger-friend of mine described as "bride brain." It's all I can think about sometimes!

3. The 4-day weekend that I was able to enjoy last week. What's the possibility we could rewind and do that all over again, huh?!

4. Watching the whole series of FRIENDS again. I've seen the whole thing multiple times (probably three or four, and then of course random episodes all the time), but my fiance hasn't ever watched them all the way through. We just started season one last week, and I'm loving it. It's definitely my favorite show!

5. Fresh fruits! Mangoes, peaches, strawberries, cherries (the fresh kind, not those nasty jar ones), green apples, bananas and watermelon - seriously y'all, summer time is great for fresh, yummy fruit, and I'm definitely trying to take advantage of that!

Simple list, but each of these things brings me so much enjoyment and happiness. I think y'all should also try to list at just five little things that make you happy. I think it makes us stop and appreciate those things so much more when we take time to actually recognize them! So think about it, and then make sure you take advantage of those things.

If it's a person - tell them.
If it's a place - go for a quick visit.
If it's an activity - get out and do it!
If it's food - definitely eat it.

Whatever it is, just make sure you take time to enjoy whatever it is that makes YOU happy!

I'm glad Miranda had me around her cute bloggy-blog today, so that I could also take the time to think about these things. But I'm also glad because it gives me a chance to make some new blog friends! I'd love for y'all to hop on over to my little space and say hello. Seriously, I love it when I get comments and emails. (I know we all do, I'm just admitting that I do indeed like it a whole super lot...) Hope to hear from  y'all soon, and meet some new friends!

Also, you can find me all over the social media world, but my favorite is definitely Instagram!


Freaky Friday (This Post is a Mess)

I am very discombobulated today, y'all.
Do you ever have one of those mornings where you just wake up in a state of confusion? Like you're not quite sure what day it is, and what you're supposed to be doing? That's exactly how I felt this morning. Having a day in the middle of the week off for the 4th really messed with my mental calendar. Weekend mode was kicking in early. I've also been struggling to find time to pack and prepare for my trip since we are leaving tomorrow morning. I think my brain just completely shut out the fact that I still had to come to work today.
Speaking of work, it was strange enough walking through the door on what felt like Saturday, but what's even creepier is the fact that NO ONE is here. In an office of 90-something people, there are maybe around 30 actually here. In my hallway of 20 offices, there are a whopping three lights on. I'm a little frightened. It's so quiet...like the calm before the storm. I feel like aliens are about to attack my office building or something. If you never hear from me again...you know why.
Moving on...happy belated 4th of July! I had fully intended to post yesterday, but there were people at our house all day, and I was packing during my free time, so I just didn't get the chance. I hope you all had a fabulous time celebrating and being thankful for our freedoms here in the U.S. of A.
While it was a good day for me, it may have also been the oddest Independence Day I have ever had. The weather here in Florida has been less than satisfactory so far this summer. And by that I mean RAIN...every single day. Yesterday was no different, and it literally did not stop. It was a steady drizzle all day long. Amber and I did manage to manhandle the grill with umbrellas in hand, but the food was about the only traditional thing that took place. There was no swimming, no volleyball, no cornhole...none of those fun summer holiday activities. You know what we did do though? Played some board games. Taboo got pretty heated, folks. It was nice to create some new rainy 4th of July traditions.
This post is so disorganized. I may as well run with it, right? What else can I throw in?
Oh, John and I went to see The Lone Ranger on Wednesday night. He really wanted to see it, and while I wasn't dying to watch it I still wanted to go for two reasons.
1. I love John and the movies are kind of our thing.
2. Johnny Depp was in it.
Long story short, I LOVED the movie. I told John I felt like it was one of the best movies I have seen in a while. It was funny, it was action packed, there was romance...I was just a happy camper during the entire thing. Let me sound like a movie critic here...GO SEE THE MOVIE. And if you hate it, I will accept full blame.
Hm...did anything else exciting happen to me this week? No, not really...no. Oh! I did finally get a library card for Tallahassee. I'M SO EXCITED. Must read all. of. the. books. It's not like I already have a stack of books that I haven't read yet waiting on me or anything...or maybe I do. Barnes and Noble's sales get me every time. My bookshelf overfloweth, and that's exactly how I like it.
Alright, I'm not making this post any more painful to read. I am so sorry my brain is a scattered mess today. Don't forget to stop by every day next week and read some stuff from my amazing guest bloggers! They'll be taking over Young, and In Progress while I'm out of the state for a few days, and I couldn't be more thankful!
Have a great weekend!


Travel Essentials

It's Wednesday already! Can you believe it? In so many ways, today is kind of like Friday with tomorrow being a holiday!

Yesterday I shared my first post of my little travel series that I'm doing this week to help prepare for my upcoming trip. Curious about where I'm going? Make sure to click on over and read!

Today I want to share something very important to any adventurer...travel essentials. I thought it would be fun to share the things that I bring in my "carry on" bags. Since I will be traveling in a car for this particular trip, things may vary slightly from what I would bring if I were flying to my destination. However, all of the items would be similar in either situation.

Of course my suitcase is what holds most of the items making the trip with me. That is obviously where my clothes and toiletries and all of that other boring stuff can be found. Apart from that though, I keep two other bags with/near me at all times to hold some other much needed items.

First of all, I will always have my purse near me.

My parents bought me this Fossil bag for my college graduation last August. I absolutely love it. They told me it was to be used for all of my future travels and adventures, but I use it as a purse 90% of the time because it's the perfect size and I'm so obsessed with it.

During a typical week you can find all sorts of things stored in here, but I prefer to keep things to a minimum when traveling. Here's a little peek of the things I will reach for in here while on my trip.

1. Sunglasses...of course! I just got these from Burlington Coat Factory. They were on sale for $5 and they are my new favorites. You can't really tell in this picture, but they are brown at the top and then there is sort of an ombre effect into pink on the bottom of the frames.
2. My wallet, with my ID and money and all of that jazz.
3. A hair clip, hair tie, and a few bobby pins for when my hair needs to be tamed.
4. A couple of different lip balms. By the way, the Baby Lips balms are awesome if you haven't tried them yet!
5. My flash drive with all of my writing on it. I have it on a lanyard that a friend gave me. It's Hello Kitty and says "I love nerds." Ha ha.

Now, you know you can't go on a road trip without a little bit of entertainment! Especially if you aren't driving the entire time and you're just along for the ride. Therefore, I have another bag full of goodies that I like to refer to as my "boredom bag."

I found this backpack at Charlotte Russe a couple of months ago and I had to have it. I love the "utility" look of it, combined with the pretty lace on the top flap. It's also the perfect size for travel...not too big and not too small. It holds quite a bit of stuff too!

1. My laptop and laptop case. I'm not sure if I will have internet at all, but I still like to have it with me in case I decide to do any writing, or to catch up on blog stuff in the chance I do have internet at the hotels we stop at.
2. A good book for the book nerd.
3. My Kindle. I know...why do I need it if I already have a book? I'm a really fast reader, and if I finish the other book I have back ups on my Kindle, along with some games. (I have it turned face down because the "charge battery" message is on the screen. This is an older model Kindle, not a Fire.)
4. A small journal and a pen. I like to jot things down when they come to mind and I don't want to forget them. Sometimes I think of anything from writing topics to memories that I want to document.
5. My iPod Shuffle. I know...that's pretty old school. It's so cute and handy though, and I really like the music that I have on there.
6. My Nintendo DS. I'm really not a game nerd...at all actually. However, there are some awesome games for the DS! I love music/rhythm games. Again, this is the original DS, not the new model. I don't stay up to date on technology....especially when the old versions work just fine!

Well, that's about it for my travel must-haves. What types of things do you make sure to have handy when on a road trip?

I hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday, and a safe and celebratory 4th of July!


It's a Long Road to Wisdom...and Pennsylvania

I learned something new yesterday. Apparently...centering your blog posts is a no-no? I'm not really sure why, but I'm going to try something different today! If I don't like it though, I will most likely change back. Old habits die hard, ya know?

So I mentioned a few days ago that I will be traveling next week. Where am I going exactly? I, along with my Mama, Grandma, and Elvis (my Grandma's dog...not the King) will be making the journey from Florida to Pennsylvania to visit my uncle and his family. We have never been to see them before, so we are all really looking forward to it. Not only are we excited about visiting Pennsylvania (because none of us have really been) but we are also excited about the trip up. Who doesn't love a good road trip?

My uncle lives in a small town near Pittsburgh. Has anyone ever been to Pittsburgh...or live there? What are some fun things to do in that area? Fill me in, let me know. We will be there for a week so we are hoping to have plenty of time to explore. We know for sure that we want to visit Amish country, and we have been doing research on other things, but it never hurts to get tips and opinions from people that have actually been there.

We are leaving this Saturday and plan to stop somewhere between here and there on the way up, which will put us at our destination sometime on Sunday. I'm pretty sure we are staying up there until the following Saturday, then leaving to come back. I'm SO STOKED to be getting away for a while. I don't get to take many vacations out of the state as of lately, but I love to travel so I jump at any chance I get! This week, I thought I would throw some travel themed posts onto ye olde blog.

Today I present: Things about travel that most people hate, but I love.

1. Driving. Call me strange, but I have absolutely no problem driving for long distances. I actually kind of enjoy it. As long as I can stop every now and then to stretch my legs, and I can sleep after driving for hours on end, I'm good to go! A few summers ago my friend Liz and I drove from El Paso, Texas to our hometown here in Florida. That was a long drive my friends. I drove a good portion of the way and I didn't mind a bit. I'm sure I'll be doing my fair share of driving on this trip as well.

2. Riding in the car. This is kind of similar to driving, I suppose. I feel like when most people think of traveling, they think cramped legs, limited space, and sore butts. And boredom. But, just think of everything you have the opportunity to do in the car! I can be entertained for a good while just looking out of the window. When that gets old, there's always an iPod, a book, or a journal to turn to. There aren't many times in life that you can just enjoy passing the hours, so I like to take advantage of it.

3. Not sleeping in your own bed for a week. I would travel for an entire year without sleeping in my own bed if I could. Is it nice to get back to after your trip? Sure. Don't get me wrong, sleeping in tents or on the floor can get old after a while, but if you're getting to do awesome things in new places, it's all worth it, right? Plus, most people stay in hotels when they travel. And I don't know what y'all think, but a lot of hotel beds are more comfortable than my bed that I sleep in every night.

4. Being couped up with the same people for a long period of time. People get on each other's nerves in life...that's a fact. STILL...life is short. Forgive and forget. Live and let go. Enjoy the company of your friends, family, and even strangers. I assure you, those memories will not be forgotten. Why ruin the fun with pointless squabbles?

Thoughts? Opinions? What are some aspects of traveling that you hate or love?

And to end this post, in honor of this upcoming trip, I leave you with a few pictures of the last one I took; the one with  Liz that I mentioned earlier. (Liz will be guest posting for me on Tuesday of next week, make sure you come say hello!)

Have a great Tuesday! In a way...it's kind of like Thursday since Thursday this week is Independence Day and we're off work!


A Bittersweet Thing

Happy Monday, y'all! As usual, I can't believe the weekend is already over. However, I'm looking at the bright side and telling myself that it's at least only a four day work week since we have Thursday off for July 4th!
I had a very bittersweet weekend. It was John's last weekend in Tallahassee before he moves to a rural town to do rotations for his third year of med school. The town is only about an hour away from here, and he will be home quite a bit on the weekends, but it's still going to be so different without him here in the same city. I have no doubt though, that he is going to have a very successful year, and continue to grow into a fine doctor.
Friday night I had John and a few of our friends over to my place for kind of a small going away/good luck get together. I made finger foods and we probably went through about 100 pigs in a blanket. Those things are so good! We also played a lot of Just Dance on the Wii, which is tons of fun because everyone looks ridiculous doing it. It's really entertaining. Throw in some talking, laughter, and fun pictures and it was a perfect night in!
Saturday I was extremely lazy. Amber made sausage, eggs, and French toast for Alyssa and I and we had roomie breakfast. Yum. That was followed by a Catfish marathon. I have recently become addicted to that show after watching the first episode of the new season. This means I've been watching the entire first season every chance I get. It's just so interesting!
That evening John and I went with Amber and two other friends to see The Heat. I was so excited about this movie because I love Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. I wouldn't say I was disappointed, because the movie was hilarious. I just get a little irritated when every other word is an f-bomb....for no reason especially. I still laughed really hard through the whole thing...it was pretty darn funny.
Sunday was another fairly laid back day. I went to church with John, Amber, and our friend Tom. After church I went to John's place and had lunch with him and his parents...yummy sloppy Joe's that his mom made, they were so good! We also watched a little TV and I helped him pick out what to wear for his first week working in the hospital.
I never like leaving and telling him goodbye, but yesterday was a little more difficult than usual. Just thinking that he isn't a few minutes across town from me is weird. Knowing that it's going to be like that for the next year makes me sad. I have faith that it's all going to be okay though.
I feel like this weekend recap is a little shorter than usual, but I'm okay with that. What have y'all been up to the past couple of days?
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